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February 24, 2012

The Viennese Crescent Cookie

by Anne Paddock

The Viennese Crescent is a cookie of near perfection with a bit of crumble, a hint of nutty flavor, and a buttery taste that makes cookie lovers swoon. According to legend, these cookies originated in Austria – and Vienna in particular – but there is debate as others claim Viennese Crescents were first created in Hungary and Germany.  A cookie of few ingredients – butter, sugar, flour, ground almonds or hazelnuts, and salt – the Viennese Crescent has moved overseas and now commands well deserved space on bakery shelves in America.

218179_198880290149143_5404504_nEnter Amy Bergcookie maker extraordinaire:  that rare baker whose baking skills, love of sweets, and appreciation for beautiful sweets all come together in her cookie creations. The first time I tasted a cookie made by Amy was in the Dean and Deluca store in Soho. Hungry for a late afternoon snack, I stopped in and noticed these beautiful small crescent cookies perfectly lined up on a tray in a display window. I purchased a half pound of “Viennese Crescents” which our small group devoured by the time we walked one block. A buttery cookie with a delicate crumb, this Viennese Crescent had a faint taste of almonds and was dusted with a very light cinnamon sugar.  All I could think about was getting more as there is nothing more perfect with a cup of tea or coffee in the afternoon than a Viennese Crescent from Amy’s Cookies.

The cookies are sold in a variety of gourmet shops throughout New York City but they can also be ordered on-line through Amy’s website.  The cookies are $25 for two dozen cookies and come beautifully wrapped in a box with a grosgrain ribbon. Amy’s Cookies also sells more than 30 varieties of other cookies including pecan butterball, thumbprints (raspberry or apricot), chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, key lime sandwiches, and more. There is also a selection of bars, brownies, and decorated sugar cookies.

Amy’s Cookies
225 34th Street
Brooklyn, New York 11232

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