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March 21, 2012

Fat Toad Farm Caramel Sauce

by Anne Paddock

Several years ago, I tasted the creamiest yogurt ever and set upon figuring out how a small Molkerei (dairy) in Switzerland could make a yogurt with the proper balance of three major traits:  smooth texture, big flavor, and a slight tangy aftertaste.  I tried to replicate that yogurt about a dozen times with my yogurt maker using every type of milk before I gave up and decided to ask the owner of the Molkerie in Switzerland how they make their yogurt.  The owner told me the secret to making really great yogurt lies with the cows: they need to graze and be well cared for.  I realized I would never be able to reproduce a really great yogurt unless I had my own cow, and that was pretty much out of the question but the message stayed with me.

The first time I tasted Fat Toad Farm Caramel sauce, I was struck by the smooth creamy flavor and thought the secret had to be the milk as this product was no ordinary caramel sauce.  Fat Toad Farm of Brookfield, Vermont has a small herd of female Alpine and Saneen goats that graze on acreage around the farm and are fed high quality grain and hay to supplement their diet.  In return, these well cared for goats provide a rich tasting milk used to make caramel and cheese. A product can only be as good as the ingredients and the reason Fat Toad Farm Caramel tastes so good is primarily because of the quality of the goat milk. Add a few ingredients (organic sugar, organic cornstarch, and baking soda), a long slow cooking process and one amazing caramel sauce emerges.

36702_412356862839_6955734_nMost caramel sauces are sugar or corn syrup based products known for their sweetness. Fat Toad Farm’s caramel is a milk based product that is not overly sweet. It also helps there are few ingredients in the caramel.  Made primarily of goat’s milk and organic sugar, the caramel is also referred to as “cajeta,” a sweetened caramelized milk that originated in Mexico and is best described as a creamy caramel sauce with a hint of tanginess.  Designed for drizzling, baking, and spooning right from the jar, the original and vanilla caramel are absolutely delicious poured over vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt and then topped with a few pecans.

giftboxsmallFat Toad Farms makes four types of caramel sauce:  original, vanilla bean, cinnamon, and salted bourbon. The caramel comes in 2 ounce jars ($3.95), 8 ounce jars ($9.95) and 32 ounce jars ($36.95) and can be ordered directly from the company by calling or placing an order on their website. In addition, there are various types of gift boxes available for purchase on the website. The website also lists the retail establishments that carry their fine products.

Fat Toad Farms
787 Kibbee Road
Brookfield, Vermont  05036

Photos by Susie Cushner

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