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April 12, 2012

Cookies For Grown-Ups

by Anne Paddock

In 2008, a company called Lark Fine Foods started making and selling “cookies for grown-ups” meaning cookies that are full of flavor but not overly sweet.  Using all natural ingredients: flour, butter, olive oil, whole wheat, sugar, chocolate, and spices, Lark Fine Foods makes scrumptious crisp cookies that can be truly appreciated by adults, although kids have been known to devour them, too.

Lark Fine Foods is based out of Essex, Massachusetts , a small town north of Boston and close to Gloucester.  Mother and daughter team – Mary Ann McCormick and Nicole Nordensved own and manage the company that now produces ten types of cookies. Each cookie is unique with a strong base (i.e. chocolate, butter, oat, or ginger) that is enhanced with complementary spices and flavors (i.e. chili, coconut, rum, cranberries, corn, lemon, raisins, fennel,rosemary, and black olives):

  • Cha-Chas: A crunchy rich dark chocolate cookie with a hint of spiciness.
  • Cocolocos: A crunchy butter cookie with coconut and a hint of rum.
  • Lady Birds: A whole wheat oat cookie with cranberries and bittersweet chocolate.
  • Mighty Gingers: A chewy ginger infused cookie.
  • Polenta Pennies: A butter cookie flavored with corn, lemon, and raisins.
  • Salted Rosemary Shortbread: A crisp butter cookie laced with rosemary and sea salt.
  • Burnt Sugar Shortbread:  A butter cookie flavored with fennel and burnt sugar.
  • Espresso Chip Shortbread: A butter cookie flavored with coffee and espresso chips.
  • Scourtins: A butter cookie with black olives that seems more like a rich thick delicious cracker.
  • Russian Tea Cakes: A rich, buttery cookie covered in confectionary sugar.

larkEach cookie is delicious but my favorites are the Cha-Chas, Cocolocos, Scourtins, and the Polenta Pennies. The cookies come beautifully packaged in 6.0 to 7.5 ounce boxes (depending on the cookie) that sell for $6.  There are also trio boxes, snack size boxes and special larger packaging for the Russian Tea Cookies.  The cookies can be ordered through the company’s website or purchased at fine retailers across the country (see the website for a complete list of retailers by state).

SaltedRosemaryShortbread-640x707Lark Fine Foods
8 Scot’s Way
Essex, MA 01929

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