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April 18, 2012


Seggiano Pesto Sauces

by Anne Paddock

Several weeks ago, my daughter was grocery shopping with her dad when she called me from Whole Foods to tell me there was no fresh basil to make pesto and asking if Seggiano Pesto Genovese Sauce was ok to buy. She read the label and repeated the list of ingredients to me:  olive oil, cashew nuts, fresh Ligurian basil, sea salt, and pine nuts. Rarely do we ever indulge in a store-bought sauce but after hearing the list of ingredients, I told my daughter to put the jar in the grocery cart; it was worthy of a try.

The Seggiano pesto sauces are sold in 7 ounce glass jars and are made from products I recognize, can pronounce, and enjoy. There are no vegetable oils, preservatives or other ingredients that mask the flavor of the key ingredients: basil, olive oil, and nuts. Incredibly delicious mixed with pasta, Seggiano pesto sauces are a flavorful alternative to a classic homemade pesto sauce.

71731_162390700450325_4104458_nSeggiano pesto sauces are made in Liguara, Italy by the Seggiano Company (which is named after a village in southern Tuscany of the same name) and distributed through a British company, Peregrine Trading Company. The company makes two types of pesto sauce:

Pesto Genovese: a pesto sauce made with olive oil, cashew nuts, fresh Ligurian basil, sea salt, and pine nuts

Red Pesto Sauce: a pesto made with olive oil, tomatoes, cashew nuts, fresh basil, sea salt, pine nuts, and onions

The sauces are about $10 per jar and go a long way as these sauces are meant to provide a light covering to the pasta. Saute an assortment of vegetables (and some chicken or shrimp if you prefer) and add to a bowl of pasta for a delicious lunch or dinner dish. Grate some fresh parmesan cheese and sprinkle freshly chopped parsley on the top and serve with a salad to complete the meal.

312970_271281442894583_306332911_nSeggiano also makes a variety of other products including olive oils, balsamic vinegar, olive pates, cheese, pastas, and more. For a complete list of products, go to the company website listed below.


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  1. Kathy
    Apr 18 2012

    I can’t wait to try it. I have been looking for a great
    basil pesto sauce or recipe for years. Thanks!

  2. Dec 16 2012

    I just purchased this at Whole Foods. It is raw and vegan, which is hard to come by as most pesto’s have some type of cheese in them. Plus as you stated, the ingredients are top notch.
    Cannot wait to try it 🙂

  3. Dec 16 2012

    I hope you like it! My family loves it!

  4. ?
    Oct 6 2015

    for some reason sadly our whole foods in greenwich ct just took them all off the shelf and replaced with a look a like 365 jar but with about 30 added ing. one of being cheese , we will not buy this one . will complain to manager- can yo tell me where to find in greenwich ?

  5. Oct 7 2015

    Unfortunately, Seggiano’s is not distributed nationwide (the southeast region of Whole Foods does not carry them). Definitely say something to your local store. In the meantime, you can buy both types of pesto from Taylor’s Market on-line (the green pesto is $9.49 and the red pesto is #11.99). I just received 6 jars yesterday from an order I placed last week. Great customer service. Here is a link to their site:

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