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July 27, 2012


Rock Paper Dove

by Anne Paddock

Rock Paper Dove is an on-line stationery store that is remarkable for its unique selection of cards, invitations, stationery, and announcements;  and for excellent customer service. With more than 90 options for birthday, wedding, and baby shower invitations, save-the-date, graduation, and birth announcements along with personalized thank you notes, Rock Paper Dove seems to have something for everyone.

Rock Paper Dove is the brainchild of Amy Q, who operates her company out of Santa Cruz, California. A psychologist by education and a designer of pretty cards by nature, Amy is inspired by “sun, sandy beaches, and surf” which are themes through many of her designs.  The simplicity and beauty of each of her cards is the perfect backdrop to deliver your special message.

For years, I relied on a wonderful woman named Enid Kane to print personal stationery, party invitations, and holiday cards. When the stationary store closed and Enid retired, I felt a bit lost as I didn’t know who to turn to. Although the trend seems to be moving towards buying cards on-line, I was reluctant to do things differently than what I was used to. But, with my husband’s birthday approaching and not so much as a Hallmark store within 50 miles, I sat down on a Saturday night and googled “invitations.” Thousands of options came up that carried all the card lines I was familiar with – Crane, Lallie, William Arthur – but I found my way to Etsy which is where Rock Paper Dove sells her designs.

Relying on nearly 300 100% positive reviews (not even one unhappy customer), I picked out a beautiful blue card with two Adirondack chairs and placed my order for 60 invitations and envelopes. By Sunday morning, I had a proof in my in-box and after one minor change, I had a second proof by Sunday afternoon. On Tuesday morning, Fed Ex delivered my 60 invitations for which I paid $95 plus $6 for shipping. To gain a full perspective on how astoundingly fast the service was, it is important to know that I was in the middle of the Adirondack State Park where mail service to the home is not available (we have a small post office in town where mail is delivered to a box). There isn’t even a decent sized grocery store within 50 miles so I found the turnaround simply amazing. The invitations were spectacular, error-free and printed beautifully.

Rock Paper Dove

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  1. Enid Kane
    Aug 24 2012

    You absolutely made me cry when I saw my name in your blog. I will always be here for you;for stationery or anything you need.

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