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July 31, 2012

Chambre De Sucre

by Anne Paddock

Chambre De Sucre is a Japanese sugar artisan company that sells decorative sugars in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and textures. The sugars have been manufactured for nearly 300 years by one of the oldest Japanese family owned businesses and are now imported to the United States through Web Japan, an international trading company based in California that is dedicated to importing and exporting the highest quality Japanese products. 

The decorative sugars come in a variety of shapes:  cubes, balls, squares, crystals, flowers, hearts, elephants, dolphins, and angel wings – and colors: pastel pinks, greens, blues, purples, yellows and a blend of rainbow sugar crystals. There are also the standard square cubes in white or light brown and balls of brown sugar. 575637_616302975049346_1903009569_nFinely powdered sugar in pastel yellow and paper tubes of stick sugar are also available. And, for traditionalists, there are white cubes (sucre carré) or balls (sucre rond) with a colorful bouquet of blooms in pink, yellow, and purple. Both come in sizes small and large.

549271_579412572071720_122083985_nThe sugars are perfect for tea, coffee, and iced tea – or any occasion where a touch of elegance is preferred. Somehow a table looks better with a bowl of pretty sugars displayed. And, a cup of tea always looks enticing with a pretty piece of sugar close by. The elephants, angel wings, and cats are designed to be placed directly on the rim of the cup, mug, or glass, as illustrated at right.

970409_614004775279166_1811198615_nPackaged in a variety of ways, the angel wings, kitty glass huggers, and elephants are individually wrapped in boxes of 22 – 25 pieces and sell for $18.95. The sugar balls and hearts are packaged in tubular containers and sell for $13.95. The flower decorated balls and squares come in boxes of 25 – 56 pieces and sell for $22 – $39.95. There are also numerous gift box selections that contain a variety of the decorated sugars. For a complete view of all the purchase options, see the website below.

59761_596443197035324_417709583_nChambre De Sucre

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