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August 14, 2012

Honey Pax…It’s All About The Honey

by Anne Paddock

For those who want delicious raw honey that won’t crystallize, is deliverable in an easy portable packet, and sourced directly from the beekeepers, look no further than Honey Pax – the brainchild of brother and sister team, Jason and Julie who grew up snacking on Tupelo Honey, a raw honey made by bees whose hives are located near the White Tupelo tree.  Known for its fragrant white flowers that produce a nectar the bees love to feast on, the Tupelo Tree thrives in northwest Florida.

During the short harvest season from early April to early May (depending on the climate and other factors), the tupelo honey is collected and gently screened for any unwanted particles and left raw. The honey is not heated or processed before packaged in a no-mess 10 ml (2 teaspoons) packet made from “100% post consumer recycled unbleached paper, printed with 100% water-soluble ink, and filled at an environmentally conscious carbon neutral facility.” Easy to pack in a purse or a backpack, the Honey Pax are a great snack on the go.

529394_383649441669294_1049532911_n-1Tupelo honey is a specialty honey known for it’s light, smooth, and buttery taste. A high fructose to glucose ratio guarantees pure Tupelo honey will not crystallize like other honey. As Honey Pax says “the good stuff never crystallizes.” Because of its texture, distinctive taste, and limited availability, 100% pure Tupelo honey sells at a premium. A ten-pack of 10 ml packets at the Fresh Market sells for approximately $10 and the 13-ounce bottle (recently introduced) sells for about $18. Expensive but worth it…because Tupelo honey is pure honey bliss!

423427_339025162798389_1605358488_nAt the Fancy Food Show in 2012 (which is like the Oscars of Food), the Honey Pax Tupelo Honey was a silver finalist in the Outstanding Jam, Preserve, Honey or Nut Butter. Available at Fresh Market (in Latham, New York) and other specialty grocery stores across the country (see the website below for a list of stores but note the list does not appear to be up-to-date as the Fresh Market in Latham is not listed but the products are sold there) and from on-line retailers: or

268191_222314391136134_6870272_nBeware of products that are labeled 100% honey followed by the word “Tupelo” or labels that state “Tupelo and Wildflower Honey” as these honey products are not pure Tupelo honey – they are mixed with other types of honey.

Honey Pax
Tallahassee, Florida 32301

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