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September 3, 2012


France Luxe Hair Barrettes

by Anne Paddock

One beautiful hair barrette is sometimes the perfect accessory and few companies make high quality barrettes as beautiful and functional as France Luxe.  The company has been manufacturing hair ornaments – barrettes, combs, ponytail holders, sticks, jaws, bobby pins, and headbands – for more than a century at their factories located near Geneva, Switzerland.

High quality  hair barrettes are scarce in the United States – most tend to break rather easily – which makes France Luxe barrettes stand out as they seldom break (I have some that are 20 years old and work just as well as the day I bought them) and there are no gobs of glue on the back holding the clasp onto the hairpiece. Stylish, colorful, and exquisite in design and function, France Luxe barrettes  are timeless.

L4000Main500The company has three brands:  France Luxe, L. Erikson, and L. Erikson USA – all of whom make a wide variety of hair barrettes for all types of hair. France Luxe tends towards the traditional with 178 styles offered, while L Erikson offers a more trendy selection of nearly 300 styles, and L. Erikson USA offers young, fashionable, and often preppy barrettes among their 178 different styles.  In all, the company offers nearly 700 different hair barrette styles.

526458_477085195680573_638304052_nThere are no clear delineations between the brands as each barrette collection has both the understated and the formal. The barrettes are made from a variety of products – plastic, wood, metal, and fabrics – silk, satin, silk charmeuse, silk shantung, velvet, wool, cotton, leather, grosgrain, dupioni (a thick silk), denim,  and decoration – crystals, sequins, and beads.

525124_435008739888219_2121404025_nHair barrettes have been a part of my life for decades and although there is always a place for my standard Goody barrette, I have come to rely more on the barrettes made by France Luxe because they are so pretty and they don’t fall apart after use.

603531_392949517427475_143200602_nFor years, France Luxe barrettes were only available in Europe (in virtually every hair salon window and department store) but since the company opened an office in North Bend, Washington, the products are now widely available in the United States through the company website (, fine department stores (i.e. Nordstroms, Saks, Bloomingdale’s, Lord & Taylor), chain stores (i.e. Anthropologie), and even Whole Foods.

9800Main500The barrettes vary widely in price depending on the size and ornamentation. Prices start at $4 but most of the barrettes are between $12 – $30 and make a thoughtful gift.  The company website offers the full selection for on-line purchase with free shipping and for every three barrettes purchased, the company will choose and send a fourth barrette free.

L3062Main500France Luxe

Postscript (9/15/12): France Luxe just announced a big sale on about 360 of their hair accessories (free shipping, too). Go to this link:

  1. Apr 11 2014

    The barrettes you are referring to are called “long skinny barrettes” on the France Luxe website. Click on the link in the post and then click on “barrettes” and then click on “long skinny barrettes” (there are 16 different types of barrettes they sell). From there, you can view all the barrettes of this type. Hope that helps! Good luck

  2. Gillette
    Apr 11 2014

    Do you know the name of the latch type on the colored 5 plastic long barrettes in the first photo in your blog post? Those are the only latches that will stay in my hair. I have waist length hair and have been using the same two barrettes for 6 years. I only have one left now. I’m desperate to know the name of that type of latch/clasp so I can search for it. I just need about 10 of the ones in your first photo. I’d pay almost anything to get them. Thanks!

  3. Sep 3 2012

    That’s a story for another day LB!

  4. Lamar Briggs
    Sep 3 2012

    ……dear ms. poof——nanc wants to know about underwear…..

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