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October 31, 2012

Eye Candy

by Anne Paddock

Several years ago on a weekend getaway with 5 girlfriends, my friend, Beverly disclosed that she was showing her kids eye candy. I immediately stopped what I was doing and looked at her perplexed as her twins were about 8 years old at the time. I remember asking her what exactly she was showing her kids and she said something to the effect “oh, the Washington Monument, the White House, the Lincoln Memorial.” 

I stared at her in bewilderment and felt both relieved and surprised. Relieved because I never thought of tourist sites as “eye candy” and surprised because my idea of eye candy was a guy in a great fitting pair of jeans and a t-shirt that showed off the hours he spent at the gym keeping his stomach washboard flat.  Later that evening, we all agreed that our dear friend, Beverly had been spending too much time doing kid activities and not enough time remembering why we called her “Jaguar Beverly” back in her 20’s and early 30’s. But the point is this: eye candy can be anything pleasing to the eye.

Recently, I received an e-mail from my daughter with a link to a website she thought I would enjoy.  It’s name: Food Porn Daily.  My daughter is 16 and the word “porn” associated with my 16-year-old offspring made this parental unit (her affectionate nickname for me) a bit uneasy until I saw the website. Food Porn Daily is a website devoted to the display of food: colorful displays of cakes, pies, cookies, burritos, vegetables, fish, meats and more that are so vivid and crisp, the picture looks edible. I wish.

The purpose of Food Porn Daily is twofold: to get your salivary juices flowing and to inspire your cooking. The experience is geared to the eye as the pictures are so close-up a viewer can see “an ingredient’s pores.”  Often times, the recipe follows but this is not the point. Food Porn Daily is a feast for the eyes or eye candy for the food enthusiast. So, take a few minutes and click through the pictures for a visual treat. Or, do as the creators of the website say:  “click, drool, repeat.”

Food Porn Daily

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