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February 9, 2013

When Only a Perfect Ending Will Do….

by Anne Paddock

Purists prefer to use fresh butter and eggs to make a homemade cake rather than buying a store-bought version but for those special occasions when an exceptional cake needs to be sent as a gift (and arrive as beautiful as it looks in a picture and taste better than a homemade cake), look no further than a Perfect Endings Vintage Cake. Perfect Endings of Napa, California makes a line of vintage cakes – Coconut, German Chocolate, Red Velvet, Banana, and Devil’s Food – reminiscent of what a layer cake should be: fluffy, moist, and delicious. That the cake looks as good as it tastes is….well….icing on the cake.

img63oSam Godfrey is the baking force behind Perfect Endings, a bakery famous for its cakes, cupcakes, and wedding cakes. Godfrey learned to bake from his grandmother, Pearl who relied on fresh ingredients to make classic cakes. An extraordinary baker – untrained but passionate, Pearl was also a principled and loving woman and so the cakes were made to honor her memory. Although Godfrey makes exquisite specialty cakes, his line of vintage cakes are the heart and soul of Perfect Endings. The cakes are made with the best and freshest ingredients because “doing it the way mama would, with absolutely no compromise, is the only way to go.” With five luscious flavors to choose from, the cakes are a manageable size (approximately 6 inches in diameter and 4 inches high) serving 8-10 people per cake.

My favorite Perfect Endings Vintage Cake is the Coconut Cake and the only thing that makes me happier than having this dessert on a cake plate front and center, is knowing I don’t have to share it with my vegan daughter or my husband, who doesn’t favor foods with coconut. Unknown-25The Coconut Cake consists of three layers of moist tender coconut cake frosted with a rich coconut buttercream frosting topped off with fresh flaked coconut. This traditional cake is scrumptious and decadent and the perfect birthday cake for the coconut lover.

The German Chocolate Cake has three layers of dark moist chocolate cake with a buttery coconut pecan frosting and is decorated with crunchy whole pecans. Tender, sweet and flavorful, this heavenly cake is for those who appreciate the perfect harmony created when chocolate, coconut, and pecans come together.

The Red Velvet Cake is another favorite and without a doubt better than any other Red Velvet Cake I’ve tasted, including my homemade version that requires copious amounts of butter and eggs. Perfect Endings’ version has three layers of moist, fudgy devil’s food cake with a white frosting and a red hue of cake crumbs covering the sides and top of the cake. Tender, sweet – but not over the top – the Red Velvet Cake is a traditional southern dessert and a work of art.

Unknown-26The Banana Cake is a modern interpretation of the classic banana cake with three layers of moist tender crumb banana cake enrobed in a cream cheese frosting. Old-fashioned in design but thoroughly modern in taste, this cake is for those who favor the flavor of tropical bananas and rich cream cheese.

The classic vintage Devil’s Food Cake doesn’t stray from its origins with three layers of velvety tender chocolate cake smothered in a rich, smooth dark chocolate frosting.  This cake is magnificent to look at but even better to taste with the big chocolate flavor that recalls simpler times when choices were limited to chocolate, chocolate, or chocolate.

img98oThere are three ways to purchase Perfect Endings Vintage Cakes. If you happen to live in the San Francisco area, the cakes can be ordered and picked up from the store location in Napa. Each cake is $55.

For those who live further away, the cakes can be purchased on-line directly from Perfect Endings for $55 each plus shipping. Shipping rates tend to run high because the cakes are shipped frozen and in specialty wrapping to ensure the cake arrives in perfect condition. For those very special occasions when only a perfect cake will do, it’s worth the cost. If more than one cake is ordered, shipping costs are incrementally lower.

The third option is to buy the cake from Williams-Sonoma for $80, shipping included.  For a single cake that needs to be shipped from the west coast to the east coast, this option is the most economical. The lucky recipient – even a purist – will never forget the joy of a Perfect Endings Vintage Cake.

Perfect Endings
912 Enterprise Way
Napa, California 94558


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