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February 25, 2013

Simple and Crisp

by Anne Paddock

Simple & Crisp is an organic and gluten-free snack food billed as “the perfect pairing” with wines, cheeses, ice cream, yogurt, tea, chocolate and even prosciutto. Extremely versatile, the crisps are dried fruit slices that are not too sweet and thus offer a perfect complement to so many other foods. For those who want the crunch of a cracker or cookie but without the wheat, dairy, nuts, or seeds, Simple & Crisp offers an alternative to the usual crackers and savory cookies on the market.

DSC_0013Created by Jane Yuan (who also publishes the weekly newsletter Seattleite), Simple & Crisp is based out of Seattle, Washington which is where some of the country’s best organic apples and pears are grown. The company makes three types of crisps:  apple, pear, and orange (with blood orange coming soon). The crisps are low-calorie with only 4-6 calories per slice and contain no fat or cholesterol.  There are no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives added to the slices so the taste is the organic fruit that was carefully cultivated from organic sustainable growers.

602602_431532316910638_58833086_nLove cheese? Pair a Simple & Crisp Apple slice with French Brie or a Simple & Crisp Pear with Spanish Manchego, French Comte or a creamy tart goat cheese. Cheddar cheese and apples always go well together so consider the Simple & Crisp Apple slice with a piece of Irish Sharp Cheddar for a perfect pairing. Wrap a piece of Italian prosciutto or Spanish jamon around an apple slice for a savory appetizer.  Dip the Simple & Crisp orange slices in chocolate  or the apple slices in caramel for a sweet dessert. The orange slices are also delicious with vanilla and chocolate ice cream or plain with a cup of hot tea. The possibilities are endless because Simple & Crisp fruits are the perfect serving vessel.

Simple & Crisp fruit slices come in two sizes:  The Simple & Crisp Entertainer (1.5 ounces or 43 grams) which contains 30 slices of the dried fruit and sells for $8.99; and the Simple & Crisp Mini (0.3 ounces or 11 grams) which contains 8 slices and sells for $3.25. The box design is beautiful (green and white for apples and pears, orange and white for oranges) and helps ensure the fruit slices remain whole (but the pieces are just as delicious as the whole slices). To order, go to the company website listed below.

Simple & Crisp
420 S Massachusetts Street
Seattle, Washington  98134

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