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April 12, 2013


Choomi Cookies

by Anne Paddock

Years ago, I would buy a French cookie called a Croquant Noix de Coco which means ‘crunchy coconut” made by a company called Bonne Maman which my daughter tells me means “nice mom.” Put together, the words somehow convey “crunchy coconut cookies” that nice moms give their kids (or eat themselves, as was the case with me).

The display of these cookies in most grocery stores (and convenience stores on highways) in Switzerland and France would boast the cookie was 20% coconut which I didn’t think was particularly high, but the ingredients list included flour, pure cane sugar and butter (as if a cookie could really be French without butter?) and the taste was excellent so I always had them in the kitchen cabinet or the car snack bag when we were living overseas. 542186_508867699144744_3523987_nWhen I returned to the US, I went back to eating a traditional coconut macaroon because good coconut cookies were either non-existent or hard to find until I discovered the Choomi cookie.

DSC_0302The Choomi (pronounced “chew me”) is a coconut cookie that is crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Made in Portland, Maine, the Choomi was conceived by Peter Zinn at Po Boys and Pickles – a Louisiana-style restaurant/take out place known for their sandwiches and coconut macaroons near the Back Cove in Portland. When the demand for the cookies grew, Zinn decided to start packaging and selling the wonderfully chewy desert island coconut Choomis to grocery stores and markets.

The Choomi cookie contains coconut, sugar, water, butter, cream, natural flavorings, honey, glycerin, rice flour, dried egg whites, salt, and natural flavor. There are no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, or high fructose corn syrup in these cookies. GMO free and made primarily with all natural coconut, the Choomi is a moist, flavorful cookie that coconut lovers will swoon over.

choomi+islandIn each 8.9 ounce bag (250 grams), there are five large (50 grams or almost 2 ounces) cookies. Each resealable bag sells for about $4.50 and can be purchased at grocery stores (Hannaford Whole Foods, etc), markets, and coffee shops throughout Maine with expansion plans to other states in the near future. If you can’t get to Maine or wait until your local grocery store gets a shipment, call Zinn up at 207-831-7092 and place a phone order or e-mail Zinn at The company website is up ( and on-line orders will be possible shortly. For more information on the cookies, visit the company’s Facebook page.

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    Apr 12 2013

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