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May 6, 2013

The Give

by Anne Paddock

Last year, through a Facebook friend who has a child with a serious health issue, I learned about a woman named Donatella Botolino, a mother of four young children in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Donatella lost her 11-year old son, Denali to pancreatic cancer on June 11, 2012 after a two-year battle.  She chronicled her son’s and her family’s struggle on a Facebook page called Please Pray for Denali Botolino which has over 7,500 followers. The story is heartbreaking and will bring most readers to tears.

550996_534974333186880_1428318843_nIn her grief, Donatella decided to channel her energy to give back and help other pediatric cancer patients and families who are undergoing the same awful experience. Even with insurance, so many of these families struggle, as her family did, and so she opened a store called The Give to provide financial relief and heartfelt support to families fighting cancer.

The Give is a thrift store that sells gently used clothing, books, furniture, artwork, CD’s, holiday decorations, jewelry, and other household items using the proceeds to help families in need. People from all over the country have donated household goods but the need is always there. So, next time you clean out a closet or find your kids have outgrown clothes, shoes, and toys consider gathering the items, packing them up, and mailing the box to The Give. Your kindness will go a long way towards helping families in need.

The Give
1263 10th Street
Lake Park, Florida

The store does not have a website but click on the link below to go to their Facebook page.75589_454706867934827_1254604477_n

The Give

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