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May 18, 2013

Can You Imagine?

by Anne Paddock

More than 40 years ago, John Lennon released a song entitled Imagine which asked the listener to imagine a world of peace without borders, religions and nationalities that divide us.  Imagine offered us an ideal but one which most of us would find unobtainable. Still, the song can be recited word for word by many generations who loved and admired the message Lennon was trying to convey to his listeners. But, what if we took a few steps backwards and tried to imagine small changes in the world in which we live. Can you imagine……

  • If movie theaters would sell apples, bananas, grapes, mixed berries, diced fruit, and fresh juices instead of the current offerings?
  • If our country had an extensive mass transportation train system in the major metropolitan areas (Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Atlanta, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, St. Louis)?
  • If we all knew that 1 acre of farmland produces 20,000 pounds of potatoes, 9,000 pounds of corn, 3,600 pounds of soybeans, 3,400 pounds of oats or 165 pounds of meat?
  • If schools still taught home economic courses?
  • If people realized the thousands of sources of protein (nuts, grains, cereals, legumes, soy, vegetables, fruit, etc) as an alternative to meat, poultry, and fish?
  • If politicians weren’t beheld to lobbyist and special interest groups?
  • If Israel and the Arab world would stop fighting and killing each other and instead reallocate military budgets to education, work, and family?
  • If countries weren’t created and operating with a foundation based on religion and that all people were entitled to equal rights?
  • If people didn’t hit children, animals or each other?
  • If puppy mills no longer existed?
  • If school lunches are made from fresh food?
  • If grocery stores devote more aisle space to fresh food than processed boxed/canned, and packaged food?
  • If people could marry whoever they want?
  • If everyone knew that the annual cost of educating a child in a public school is  approximately $10,000 per year per child?
  • If women truly earned as much as men in the same job?
  • If we knew that guns would never protect us from the tyranny of a government that has access to nuclear weapons and poisonous gases?
  • If we never had to be afraid to send our children to school, go to a movie, run a marathon, walk through a mall, watch a parade, or go to work?
  • If we all knew that societies with strict gun control laws have less deaths by firearms?
  • If we all did one random act of kindness everyday?

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