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Purely Elizabeth Granola

This past week while grocery shopping, my vegan daughter convinced me to try a new brand of granola made by a company called Purely Elizabeth. She didn’t have to twist my arm even though we have at least a half-dozen bags of granola in our cereal cabinet, each one lovely in its own special way.

In our house, granola has a special importance and is given the status of both diamonds and water. Valued for its clarity in ingredients and adaptability (almost everything tastes better with granola just as diamonds look great with nearly anything), granola is the one food that tastes heavenly in its many variations and is a source of sustenance, just like water. Read more »


“Appointment in Samarra”

The road was his. He wanted to drive on the left side and zigzag like an army transport and idle along at four miles an hour. But one time when he thought the road was his he had done all these things, finally to be arrested for drunken driving by a highway patrolman who had been following him all the while. “You’d think you owned the road,” the patrolman had said; and Julian could not answer that was exactly what he had been thinking. Read more »


The Give

Last year, through a Facebook friend who has a child with a serious health issue, I learned about a woman named Donatella Botolino, a mother of four young children in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Donatella lost her 11-year old son, Denali to pancreatic cancer on June 11, 2012 after a two-year battle. ¬†She chronicled her son’s and her family’s struggle on a Facebook page called Please Pray for Denali Botolino which has over 7,500 followers. The story is heartbreaking and will bring most readers to tears. Read more »


Rainbow Quinoa and English Pea Salad

For decades, my husband has been bringing me home recipes (from Outdoor Alpha Male, Men’s Protein World or some similar sounding magazine) that invariably include quinoa which was hard to find years ago. Back then, I could only find quinoa in a health food store or on-line but with its recent surge in popularity – due in part to its high protein and iron content – nearly every supermarket now carries various types of quinoa. My family prefers the Rainbow Quinoa which contains three types of quinoa: white, royal red, and royal black because they enjoy the slight difference in flavors and the various colors certainly make a dish look appetizing. Read more »


Pulse: Organic Roasted Chickpeas

Pulse is a new brand of organic roasted chickpeas that are low in fat, gluten-free and high in fiber, protein, and flavor. Super crunchy and flavorful, Pulse Organic Roasted Chickpeas make a great snack and are particularly delicious in a salad (instead of croutons). Made by Pulse Foods out of the Bronx in New York City, Pulse Organic Roasted Chick Peas come in four flavors: Read more »