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June 13, 2013

How To Make Cupcakes Meri Meri

by Anne Paddock

Most cupcake bakers have two goals: to use the freshest and finest ingredients available to make the most delicious treats but there are also the bakers that have a third goal:  to make their cupcakes especially pleasing to the eye by using liners and decorations. Presentation and packaging are very important and for the novice home baker, there is a company that provides a variety of unique baking products designed to add a touch of whimsy and beauty to your next cupcake project whether it be for a traditional birthday party or to celebrate the first day of summer.

450375Meri Meri makes a variety of cupcake products – liners, decorating kits, wrappers, baking gift sets,  treat boxes, cupcake stands, and platters – for toddlers, kids, teens, and adults for all types of occasions – birthday, anniversary, graduation, wedding, shower – and holidays – Valentines’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, July 4th, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas and the New Year. There are also a wide variety of cupcake liners for cupcake projects that have no purpose beyond pleasing the lucky recipient.

Meri Meri offers nearly 60 different types of Cupcake Liners, each beautiful in its own way. Made in three sizes – traditional, deckle-edge and mini – Meri Meri Cupcake Liners include bright floral prints, gingham, striped, houndstooth, toile, lace, stars, stripes and even city-themed (London, New York, Paris, San Francisco) and party themed (Shaggy Dog, Princess, Teddy Bear, cars, sports, baby and more).

The Cupcake Liners come in boxes of 46 traditional or deckle-edge ($4.50-$4.95), 96 mini ($5.50), or 100 traditional ($5.95).

Cupcake Wrappers add a special finishing touch to cupcakes. Made of firm paper, cupcake wrappers are designed to hold finished cupcakes – similar to what a garden pot or planter provides for a blooming plant. Meri Meri offers four current designs – two decorated with ribbons, one done in paper lace, and a whimsical colorful design that seems to go with any theme.

love-in-the-afternoon-cupcake-wrapper-lThe Cupcake Wrappers come in packs of 24 and range from $6.95 – $11 depending on the design.

For more extensive decorations, consider the Cupcake Kits: a boxed set of 24 cupcake cases and 24 matching decorations to place on top of the cupcakes. Meri Meri offers more than 40 different decorating kits with themes that include “Ahoy There Pirate,” “Fairy Magic,” “Brave Knights,” “Floral Birds,” “Home Run,” “Howdy Cowboy,” “Love in the Afternoon,” “Vintage Rose” and more. Just make your favorite cupcakes, frost, and place a topper in the center of the cupcake and the cupcakes will almost look too good to eat.

318859_182955121774398_5714713_nThe Cupcake Kits are $12.95 each.

To wrap or transport a special batch of cupcakes, Meri Meri makes 28 beautiful Treat Boxes that can hold one, two, or four cupcakes. Each cupcake box has a removable tray to keep the cupcake in place, a window in which to display the cupcake(s), and a domed ribbon tied ceiling to ensure the cupcake top stays as beautiful as it was meant to be.

298576_182963415106902_3519877_nThe Treat Boxes range from $8.50 – $10.00 per box and matching accessories.

08-1876v2Meri Meri also makes a variety of cake/cupcake stands, treat kits (a cupcake bakery kit that includes everything for eight people to have a cupcake decorating get-together – 8 aprons, 10 icing bags with 8 assorted nozzles, 72 cupcake liners, 1 recipe card, and 8 invitations for $29.95), and Baking Gift Sets that include a spatula, stainless steel cookie cutters, cupcake liners in two designs,  printed recipe cards, an apron, decorating bags and tips, and baker’s twine all set in a windowed tin container for $29.95.

To view these products and other products – including a ferris wheel centerpiece that holds 8 cupcakes, go to the company website listed below. All of Meri Meri’s products can be purchased at the company website, at Amazon, and at retail outlets throughout the country.

Meri Meri

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