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July 13, 2013


by Anne Paddock

MYdrap means “my cloth” in Catalan (the language spoken by most people who live in Barcelona, Spain) and includes napkins and placemats that look and act like a high quality cotton napkin or placemat but come perforated on a roll for easy tear-off convenience. Made of 100% cotton fibers, MYdrap is an exceptionally well constructed disposable textile that comes in five sizes and 48 colors and patterns. Biodegradable, combustible, and recyclable, MYdrap textiles are truly an innovative product that offers variety, quality, and convenience at a competitive price.

Machine washable in warm water, MYdrap napkins and placemats can be washed and reused up to six times or disposed of after a single use. Be your own table top designer with MYdrap napkins and placemats by varying the colors and patterns. Choose two colors that go together – pink and green, blue and yellow, red and green – and transform your table from predictable to spectacular.970491_630238373671445_757139055_n

The napkins come in five sizes: cocktail, luncheon, premium luncheon, dinner, and premium dinner; and are offered in cotton or linen solids. The placemat comes in one size:  The cocktail, luncheon, and placemat also come in a variety of cotton printed (gingham, polka dot, snowflake) styles. The premium luncheon napkin is also offered in three vintage cotton designs.

527291_490719244290026_1958458445_nBased in Barcelona, Spain, MYdrap has been making textile products for nearly 90 years. Since the 1990’s, the company has been supplying the hospitality market with disposable textiles at a competitive price which led the company to start producing disposable textiles for the home and consumer market in 2005. Stylish, superior, and an affordable alternative to paper, MYdrap napkins and placemats make the changing beautiful tabletop an easy reality. Now available in the United States, MYdrap napkins and placemats can be purchased on-line directly from the company’s US-based website (

Cocktail napkins (4.3 x 4.3) come in rolls of 50 and sell for $27 (cotton) or $33 (linen) or  $0.54 – $0.66 each.560963_490727494289201_231797849_n-1

Luncheon napkins (7.9 x 7.9) come in rolls of 25 and sell for $28 (cotton) or $33 for a roll of 20 linen napkins; the printed luncheon napkin (7.9 x 7.9) comes in rolls of 20 for $30 or  $1.12 – $1.65 each.

223911_251823714846248_2531430_nThe premium luncheon napkin or vintage style (15.9 x 7.9) comes in rolls of 12 for $27; the printed luncheon napkin – gingham, dots, or snowflakes – (8.3 x 8.3) come in rolls of 12 for $30 or $2.25 – $2.50 each.

180312_193328004029153_3746083_nThe dinner napkin (12.6 x 12.6) comes in rolls of 12 for $30 or $2.50 each.

The premium dinner napkin (15.8 x 15.8) comes in rolls of 12 for $34 (cotton) or $42 (linen) or $2.83 – $3.50 each.

305_567086709986612_892767204_nPlacemats (18.9 x 12.6) come in rolls of 12 for $36 (cotton) or $44 (linen); the printed placemat – gingham or snowflake – (18.1 x 12.6 or 18.9 x 12.6) come in rolls of 12 for $38 – $40 or $3 – $3.25 each.mydrap

MYdrap napkins and placemats are truly the best thing to happen to table textiles in decades. With a rainbow of colors and designs in a high quality but affordable and convenient roll, MYdrap textiles bring versatility and beauty to your tabletop.

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