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September 5, 2013

Fruit Bliss

by Anne Paddock

Fruit Bliss is a family of preservative-free, soft and moist dried fruit that is juicy and delicious.  Made only with non-GMO fruit and water, these naturally sweet fruits are loved by both adults and kids and are a healthy alternative to dried fruit that has been preserved with sulfites. You won’t find any hard, powdery, or overly chewy pieces of dried fruit in Fruit Bliss because real pieces of dried fruit rehydrated with water ensures that every bite of Fruit Bliss is an all natural, pure and healthy snack. There are no added sweeteners, artificial colors or flavors added to this gluten-free nutritious snack food.

ApricotsFruit2Fruit Bliss comes in five varieties:

Dried Apricots:  Unsulphured dried apricots and water are the only two ingredients in this moist, juicy product. Don’t be alarmed by the brown color of the apricots; it just means the fruit is preservative free.

Dried Figs: Made with unsulphured dried figs and water. That’s it. Naturally sweet and delicious.

Dried French d’Agen Plums: Unsulphured dried plums and water make these moist dark fruits irresistible.

Dried Dates: Unsulphured dried dates and water are the only two ingredients in this delicious packet.

Fruit Medley:  Unsulphured dried apricots, figs, and plums and water make for a trio of scrumptious fruit.

MedleyFruit3-1Fruit Bliss comes in 6-ounce resealable packets and sells for $3.83 – $4.79 per packet depending on the retailer. The company website ( offers a store locator by zip code or the 6-ounce packets can be purchased directly through the company via their website:, or through, or

Untitled-1Three of the flavors – Apricots, Figs, and D’Agen Plums – are also sold in convenient 1.76 ounce single serving packets that sell for approximately $1.29 per individual packet and can be purchased directly through the company (48 individual packets for $61.92) or through Amazon (12 packets of apricots for $12.74 or 12 packets of figs for $15.51 – with free delivery for prime members). The small single serving packets are ideal for snacks on the go or to slip into a backpack or lunchbox.

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