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October 3, 2013


Engine 2 Crispbreads and Tortillas

by Anne Paddock

Nearly everyone loves crackers and Engine 2 offers two varieties: Organic Original Crispbread and Organic Triple Seed Crispbread.  Made with whole grains and seeds with no added oils or dairy products, these great tasting super crunchy crackers are delicious with hummus, vegetable spreads, and nut butters. And, for those who prefer a softer vehicle, Engine 2 makes two types of tortillas: Sprouted Ancient Grain and Brown Rice which are ideal to make soft tacos, wraps, and burritos.

e2_crispbread_originalWhatever your preference – crispbread or tortillas – these snack and meal products have some significant nutritional attributes – full of whole grains, high in protein and fiber but low in fat. The crispbreads have no sugar while the tortillas have 1 gram of sugar per serving (1 tortilla) – which are not from added sugar because there are no added sweeteners. The sodium content is also low – 100-110 mg for each crispbread and 115 mg for each tortilla.

The crispbreads are large crackers – 4-1/2 inches by 3-1/2 inches and 1/4 inch thick – made with organic whole wheat flour, crushed organic sunflower seeds, organic wheat bran, filtered water, sea salt, and yeast. Crunchy and satisfying, these crackers don’t get soggy which makes them perfect for spreads. The Organic Triple Seed Crispbread has the same base as the original flavor but is enhanced with three bold seeds:  sesame, poppy, and fennel.

e2_crispbread_triple_seedEach 7 ounce box of crispbreads contains 9 large crackers and can be found in the cracker aisle at Whole Foods where each box sells for $3.99.

Whole grain tortillas are a staple in our house where vegetable filled wraps and burritos are weekly staples. Engine 2 Tortillas are offered in two varieties:  Sprouted Ancient Grain and Brown Rice.  The Sprouted Ancient Grain version is made primarily with organic sprouted grains (wheat, barley, millet, emmer, and quinoa), along with lentils, soybeans, flax and chia seeds,  while the Brown Rice version has a base of brown rice flour. Soft, high in fiber and full of flavor, these tortillas are sold in packages of 6 for $3.99 in the frozen food section at Whole Foods.

  1. Dec 6 2016

    Hi Anita: The Brown Rice Tortillas can be purchased at Whole Foods Markets nationwide. Check the freezer section.

  2. Anita
    Dec 5 2016

    Where can I purchase your brown rice tortillas?

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