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October 11, 2013

The GoStak

by Anne Paddock

The GoStak is an innovative – simple, portable, and versatile – way to take along favorite snacks, small items, and supplements when on the go. BPA-free, the standard GoStak consists of four different sized jars (that are interchangeable) with a choice of nine vibrant color lids. Connect the jars with the Twist n’Lock (patent pending) system for convenience and easy portability. Freezer and dishwasher-safe, the GoStak is sleek and compact, making it easy to transport as much or as little as desired, with an easy to grasp top handle.

940875_464185486989184_1381175439_nGoStak has four different sized jars: 150 cc (about 5 ounces), 100 cc (about 3.4 ounces), 60 cc (about 2 ounces) , and 40 cc (about 1.4 ounces).landing_gostak_3

The Starter Pak contains one of each sized jar but since the jars are interchangeable, they can be mixed and matched for a perfectly customized GoStak. The GoStak is also not limited to four (4) jars allowing users to choose as few or as many jars as needed.

I initially purchased 2 Starter Paks which I mix and match, depending on the type of snacks I’m transporting. GoStak is especially useful on the road when I want a selection of toppings – chopped almonds, pecans, dried blueberries,  apricots, and cinnamon sugar for oatmeal or a hot grain cereal.

For school, the GoStak is the perfect vehicle to tote a variety of snacks including chopped fruits and vegetables (i.e carrots, blueberries, or sweet grape tomatoes) , nuts, trail mix, dried fruit, dips, salad dressing, crackers, and even a special treat. I found the 150 cc (5 ounce) size the most useful and therefore ordered extra jars in this size.gostak_rainbow1

To purchase the GoStak, go to the company website: Choose a jar combination: the 4 jar Starter Pak  ($12.99), two 150 cc jars ($9.99), three 100 cc jars ($9.99), three 60 cc jars ($8.99) , or four 40 cc jars ($8.99) and a lid color. The Starter Pak can also be found at Amazon for $12.59 – $12.99 including free delivery for Prime members.


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