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October 17, 2013

Why You Should Buy “Humans of New York”

by Anne Paddock

Two days ago, Humans of New York (“HONY“), a photography book by Brandon Stanton was released and although the chatter and buzz  made me a skeptic initially, HONY really is a book worth buying for the following reasons:

  • Brandon Stanton is a genuinely nice human being;
  • In a world obsessed with social media, Stanton reminds us that photographs and voices still matter;
  • The photographs are of real people on the streets of New York City;
  • In a city where life moves on, Stanton’s photographs make life stop for a moment;
  • The book humanizes a city known as much for its size as its individuality;
  • Stanton shows that age, sex, race, sexual orientation, and faith are not barriers to love, fashion, hope, pain, laughter, dreams, and a message;
  • Once you start reading HONY, the book is hard to put down;
  • The book can be read in an hour or two but fuels conversation always;
  • When you turn the last page, you will be smiling and feeling good about human beings;
  • Because the pages aren’t numbered;
  • Stanton shows us that its ok to be different and take the road less traveled;
  • Because Gac Filipaj is an inspiration;
  • Because the picture of a young child playing chess with a middle-aged man is priceless;
  • Because the math teacher at the Fashion Institute of Technology rocks;
  • Because “Even when the mind is gone, the heart shows through.”
  • Because “Sex and the City 8” is hilarious;
  • Because the Chief of Personnel for the Fire Department is a hero;
  • Because the school girls in Williamsburg got the moves;
  • There are “few outward, observable differences between males and females” except when culture intervenes;
  • Stanton’s mother would worry less about her son’s future;
  • Because there is hope for bond traders (that’s a joke); and
  • Because New York City needs an official photographer.

To purchase, go to a bookstore or buy on-line at for $17.64 with free delivery for Prime members.

To read more about Brandon Stanton and Humans of New York, go to the official website:

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