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November 2, 2013


Dave’s Killer Bread: What the East Coast Needs

by Anne Paddock

Every time I travel to the west coast, I make a point of buying Dave’s Killer Bread, painstakingly packing the loaves in my suitcase and bringing them back to the east coast to enjoy. Made in Milwaukie, Oregon, Dave’s Killer Bread is available in nearly 4,000 grocery stores in 17 western and central states (and Guam, if you can imagine)…but not on the east coast (hint, hint Dave…we want your bread on the east coast).

Dave’s Killer Bread is the creation of Dave Dahl – the master chief killer bread maker. Actually, Dave is a convicted felon who was in and out of prison four times over 15 years for burglary,armed robbery, drug dealing, and assaulting police officers before he discovered humility and sought treatment. Ten years ago he walked out of prison for the last time and turned his life around.

164288_10151679246634039_544350953_nBaking seems to be in the Dahl genes. Dave’s father, James Dahl was a baker ahead of his time producing natural and healthy sprouted wheat breads at Nature Bake in Portland in the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s. Dave’s brother, Glenn took over the bakery and welcomed Dave back to the family business where he worked tirelessly to develop healthy and great tasting breads using the best organic ingredients available. Along with Glenn’s son, Shobi who had recently graduated from college, the three Dahls introduced four Killer Breads in 2005 at the Portland Farmer’s Market. The response was overwhelming and by the end of the year, Dave’s Killer Breads were in grocery stores in the Portland area.bread-close

Eight years later, the company has grown from 35 to 300 employees (30% are ex-felons, like Dave) and the brand has grown to 10 varieties (in 12 sizes) that are certified organic, non-GMO verified, kosher, and vegan:

  • 21 Whole Grains: a 27-ounce loaf (17 slices) with 16 whole grains and 5 seeds;541865_10151814348739039_882360696_n
  • 21 Whole Grains Thin-Sliced: A 20.5 ounce size loaf (21 slices) of the 21 Whole Grains loaf but sliced thinner;1240117_10151814348709039_95533470_n
  • Good Seed:  a 27-ounce loaf (17 slices) with an abundance of seeds, “saintly flavor and heavenly texture;1231681_10151814349014039_2144098_n
  • Good Seed Thin-Sliced: A 20.5 ounce loaf (21 slices) of Good Seed bread sliced thinner;1231683_10151814349164039_1389265179_n
  • Powerseed: a 27-ounce loaf (17 slices) of 100% whole grain bread that is fruit juice sweetened (no added sugar);1380173_10151814349539039_2063745394_n
  • Sprouted Wheat: a 27-ounce loaf of sprouted wheat that is moist, chewy and full of sprouted wheat flavor;1380519_10151814349874039_263231270_n
  • Blues Bread: a chewy, tasty bread with a bold, sweet flavor and a crunchy exterior; a 25-ounce loaf;1238953_10151814348909039_1887903374_n
  • Cracked Wheat: a 25-ounce loaf (17 slices) for those who don’t like the extra grains and seeds (it’s a texture thing);1378256_10151814348979039_1640205682_n
  • Spelt: A 28-ounce loaf (17 slices) has whole grain spelt as the primary ingredient giving the bread a wonderful flavor;547800_10151814349769039_217836768_n
  • Rockin Rye: A 27-ounce loaf (17 slices) of pure, unadulterated rye bread;1239973_10151814349574039_1047783794_n
  • Sin Dawg: The ultimate whole grain cinnamon bread. Long and narrow, the Sin Dawg is a 16-ounce whole grain cinnamon baguette;1375821_10151814349484039_1781708329_n
  • Peace Bomb: Dave’s answer to the French baguette: a 16-ounce sprouted wheat baguette;1377008_10151814349324039_907019835_n

Made at Killer Breadquarters, Dave’s Killer Breads are widely available in the western states (see the company website for a store locator) for about $5 a loaf. There is hope on the horizon – Dave’s Killer Bread will be available on the east coast in the near future. The company is in the midst of an expansion program to nationally distribute the bread.

For those who don’t live near a grocery store that stocks Dave’s Killer Breads, the breads can be ordered on-line through the company website:  Breads are shipped out every Monday to ensure loaves arrive fresh.

  1. Sep 7 2015

    I agree, Adrian!

  2. Adrian
    Sep 7 2015

    This bread is sooo good. I always get the 21 Grain because of the taste and it has better macros for my needs. Other people who like this bread have even commented on how good it is while I’m in the checkout line. Top notch.

  3. Valerie Vaughn
    Mar 18 2015

    Finally found Killer Bread here in Nebraska. I am ecstatic!! Thanks for spreading your wings!

  4. Alan
    Nov 16 2013

    Good Stuff!! enjoy your product very much.

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