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November 20, 2013

Those Dang Chips!

by Anne Paddock

Dang Chips are toasted coconut chips with a strong, sweet aroma, a very satisfying crunch, and a sweet, slightly salty taste that will make you say “Dang, that’s good.” Made of three ingredients: coconut, sugar, and salt, Dang Chips are made in Thailand where Vincent Kitirattragarn’s mother, Dang (hence, the product name) grew up.

One day while making his mother’s recipe for Thai Lettuce Wraps, Vincent found himself snacking on one of the ingredients – toasted coconut chips – and realized that sweetened and slightly salted dehydrated coconut makes for a deeply satisfying snack. So, he contacted his family who has been importing goods to the US for more than 30 years and convinced them there has to be a market for a delicious coconut snack food that shares many of the health benefits of coconut oil.

419912_260558440690883_1997378475_nMade from the meat of the coconut – the copra – that is toasted until golden brown with a dash of sugar and salt, Dang Toasted Coconut Chips are a scrumptious snack that can be eaten alone or used to make a trail mix, granola, cookies, bars, and other baked goods. The chips also add a delicious crunch and taste to cooked oats, yogurt, cereal, and ice cream. Versatile, gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO verified and a good source of fiber and lauric acid (“good cholesterol”), Dang Toasted Coconut Chips add taste, nutrition and texture to a a variety of foods.1385350_538912806188777_1590631928_n

Dang Toasted Coconut Chips come in two flavors: Original and Caramel Sea Salt. The chips can be purchased on-line through the company’s website: which uses Amazon to sell their products. The chips come in 1.43 ounce packets (12 original packets for $31.77 or 12 caramel sea salt packets for $38.46 with free delivery for Prime members) or the family sized bag (3.1 ounces) for $6.50, also with free delivery for Prime members.  The chips are also available at fine grocery and health food stores across the nation. To locate a store near you, use the store locator service on the company website:

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