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Millet: The Pearl of Ancient Grains

Millet – and specifically pearl millet – is a widely grown grass that gives off small grain seeds which are hulled and used as a cereal food.   Creamy or yellow in color, round, and small, the tiny circular grains of millet hail from Asia where it has been cultivated for more than 10,000 years.

Able to grow quickly in dry, high temperatures, millet has until recently been used as an ingredient in bird seed in developed countries (but it’s really not for the birds as USAID recently – July, 2013 – awarded Kansas State University nearly $14 million dollars to research millet and sorghum). Millet is gluten-free and a complete protein, with 1/4 cup of dry millet providing 7 grams of protein, 7 grams of fiber, magnesium, calcium, B6, iron, folate, and zinc. Read more »



NIGHT. No one was praying for the night to pass quickly. The stars were but sparks of the immense conflagration that was consuming us. Were this conflagration to be extinguished one day, nothing would be left in the sky but extinct stars and unseeing eyes.

In May, 1944, 15-year old Elie Wiesel and his family – his mother, father and three sisters – were ordered from their home in Sighet, Transylvania (the central part of Romania) and transported to the Auschwitz concentration camp, and then to Buchenwald. Separated from his mother and sisters, Wiesel and his father managed to stay together for eight months, before his father died in January, 1945. Three months later in April, 1945 the camp was liberated and Elie Wiesel began the journey of “one who has emerged from the Kingdom of Night…” Read more »


How ’bout a Date?

Several years ago while living in Switzerland, a friend gave my family a tray of dried fruits – figs, dates, and apricots – from the Middle-East where he often traveled. The jumbo sized dates formed my idea of what a date should be: sweet, moist, creamy and delicious. Unfortunately, the standard date available at grocery stores (and even Whole Foods) does not live up to the dates from lands far away, which led me to look for for a high quality date in the US. My search led me to a Indio, California which is about 23 miles southeast of Palm Springs, where Shields Date Garden is a major draw for locals and tourists alike. Read more »


The Sili Squeeze

When Kristin Ahmer couldn’t find an easy way to feed her children pureed foods and smoothies, she decided to create her own patent-pending spill-proof design that keeps food in their mouths and not all over their clothes or surroundings. By combining the best attributes of a bottle and a disposable food pouch, Ahmer came up with the Sili Squeeze: a reusable pouch (made from 100% food grade silicone) that can be filled with purée, smoothies, and any ready-made snack like yogurt or applesauce. Read more »


Dave’s Killer Bread: What the East Coast Needs

Every time I travel to the west coast, I make a point of buying Dave’s Killer Bread, painstakingly packing the loaves in my suitcase and bringing them back to the east coast to enjoy. Made in Milwaukie, Oregon, Dave’s Killer Bread is available in nearly 4,000 grocery stores in 17 western and central states (and Guam, if you can imagine)…but not on the east coast (hint, hint Dave…we want your bread on the east coast). Read more »