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July 8, 2014

The Yogibo

by Anne Paddock

Bean bag chairs were first introduced into the American consciousness in the late 1960’s by a group of Italian designers at a company called Zanotta who believed people would find it comfortable sitting in a bag filled with styrofoam beans. Nearly 50 years later bean bag chairs are still the chair of choice for most kids who find them comfortable to sit in while gaming, reading a book, watching television, or using a computer. But what about adults who don’t find the old-school bean bag comfortable or kids who haven’t discovered real comfort in a bean bag chair? Say hello to the Yogibo, the new generation of bean bag chairs that both adults and kids love.

20761_315721616580_5693723_nFive years ago, Eyal Levy introduced the Yogibo – a bean bag chair that completely molds to the body making it the most comfortable sought after bean bag chair on the market.  Significantly more comfortable than a traditional bean bag chair, the Yogibo looks like an ordinary bean bag chair but it doesn’t collapse like one. Levy adheres to the design principles of a bean bag chair (zillions of tiny beads in an interior liner bag covered by an exterior bag) but uses a special grade of styrofoam beads made of polystyrene for the interior liner bag that is covered by a washable exterior fire-retardant cover made of a cotton spandex blend in a rainbow of colors. The beans and the stretchy exterior fabric make the difference.yogibo interior

The Yogibo bean bags are super comfortable and lightweight allowing you to move them from room to room because they will become the most sought after, fought over, and adored pieces of furniture in your home. Three of the most popular Yogibo bean bag chars are the mini, midi, and max.yogibo-mini-purple_1

The Yogibo Mini is just like the classic bean bag chair of your youth in terms of size. Designed to hold one person, the Yogibo Mini is a personal sized lounge chair priced at $119. The perfect bean bag chair for the family room, a bedroom, or dorm room.yogibo-midi-orange_3

For more versatility, the Yogibo Midi can be a comfortable lounge chair or a cozy two-seater when flipped on its side. Five feet long and weighing 15 pounds, the Yogibo Midi is cool, comfortable and versatile. Priced at $199.yogibo-max-green_3

The Yogibo Max functions as a chair, sofa, recliner or bed to stretch out on. Six feet long, the Yogibo Max can seat up to four people at a time. Weighing less than 20 pounds, the Max can easily be moved from room to room. Priced at $229.

The Yogibo bean bag chairs come in a variety of colors to complement the design of nearly any room. To maintain the Yogibo, wash the exterior cover inside out with the zipper closed on the gentle cycle and then place in the dryer on low heat.yogimaxcolors

The Yogibo can be purchased a variety of ways. The New Hampshire-based company has 16 retail locations in the northeast (Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Maine) in shopping malls (see the company website for a complete list of locations) so that shoppers can experience the product. The Yogibo can also be purchased on-line through the company’s website:

The complete line of Yogibo products including water and water-resistant outdoor bean bags can be viewed at the company website listed above.

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