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October 2, 2014

Spreads and Beyond

by Anne Paddock

If Buzz Lightyear were to quit his day job and promote real fruit spreads instead of space travel his signature statement would change from “To infinity, and beyond” to “Spreads & Beyond” because the company with the catchy phrase name has positioned itself as an innovator and visionary in the jams, preserves, and spreads industry. How you ask? By keeping it real – meaning their spreads are made using fresh fruit with no added sugar, pectin, preservatives, colors, sweeteners or fruit from concentrate – and giving customers what they want: fresh, wholesome fruit preserves, chutney, and spreads.

Spreads & Beyond makes three delicious fruit spreads – Strawberry Preserves, Blueberry Orange Peel Preserves, and Mango Star Anise Chutney – that scream “fruit” in every delicious bite. 

Spreads & BeyondThe Strawberry Preserves are made with three ingredients: strawberries, fresh pressed apples, and fresh pressed lemon. That’s it. The perfect spread on toast or a PB and J.

Blueberry Orange Peel Preserves are made with fresh blueberries, fresh pressed apples, fresh squeezed lemon, and fresh orange peel.  If you’ve ever made a blueberry pie from scratch, then you know why nearly every recipe calls for lemon or orange zest: blueberries combined with a touch of citrus go deliciously swell together. The overriding flavor is blueberry but the slight citrus taste adds the right amount of tang. Spread on toast or over a slice of brie for a delicious appetizer.

Mango Star Anise Chutney is made with fresh mangos, fresh pressed apples, fresh pressed lemons, and star anise A sweet and delicious spread that works in any recipe that calls for chutney or as a side dish with Curry or Rice Toffel (the Indonesian dish that calls for a big bowl of rice to be served with an assortment of toppings that includes chopped pineapple, peanuts, bananas, scallions, chutney, sliced almonds, chopped tomatoes, pickles, apples, and more). What makes this chutney different is the subtle licorice flavor that comes from the star anise (a popular spice that is often used in Asian dishes).

Spreads by Spreads & Beyond come in 3.75 ounce jars and sell for $8.50 per jar – expensive but worth it. To purchase on-line, go to the Spreads & Beyond website:

Update: October 3, 2014: Word has spread and the inventory has been sold out but by emailing, an order can be placed for delivery later this month.

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