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November 7, 2014

Marco Paolo Chocolates

by Anne Paddock

Mark Lewis is the founder and genius chocolatier behind Marco Paolo Chocolates – an artisan chocolate shop known for its distinctive double layered chocolate truffles that taste as decadent as they look. Instead of a single flavored truffle, Lewis combines two complementary ganache flavors using fruits, flowers, spices, herbs and seeds to create a tasting and sensory experience.

One of the most popular truffles is the Coconut Cilantro Dark Lime Truffle: white chocolate coconut ganache enlivened with cilantro teamed with tart lime dark chocolate ganache: two distinctive fruit flavors (the jury is still out on whether coconut is considered a fruit or nut) enhanced with spices and then enrobed in dark chocolate make for one scrumptious tropical truffle. 

marcopaolo06Marco Paolo Chocolates currently offers ten varieties of double layered chocolate truffles in beautifully boxed collections of 4 pieces ($14) , 9 pieces ($29) or 16 pieces ($48). The exterior of each truffle is a work of art in itself with the artistry on the outside giving a hint of what’s inside (the Coconut Cilantro with Dark Lime Truffle has two brushstrokes: lime green and creamy white).MarcoPaoloChocolate Truffles

The company also makes two types of dark chocolate brittle bark:  Coconut Brittle and Maple Pecan Brittle, made with thin chunks of buttery toffee with either organic coconut nectar sugar or real maple syrup, covered in 70% dark chocolate and then sprinkled with flaked coconut or chopped pecans. Crunchy, rich, and delicious. Each 1/2 pound box sells for $13 while the 1 pound box sells for $25.Maple Pecan Brittle Bark

To read more about the double flavored truffles and dark chocolate brittle bark or to place an order, go to the company website: Paolo Chocolates

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