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November 15, 2014

Better Brittle

by Anne Paddock

Better Brittle is a West African style peanut brittle that resembles the peanut brittle that many baby boomers recall from our childhood only without the rock-hard corn syrup that has been known to crack a tooth now and then.  Made with three simple natural ingredients – freshly roasted peanuts from Virginia and North Carolina, fair-trade organic evaporated cane juice, and sea salt, Better Brittle is really better than traditional brittle.

Inspired by a confection known as nkati (meaning “peanut”) cake served in Ghana, Christiana Semabia started making her version when she returned to Syracuse after studying at the University of Ghana. Although similar to North American peanut brittle, Better Brittle has a more robust peanut flavor and yet retains the crunchy texture that makes brittle so popular.Better Brittle

Better Brittle is sold in 5 ounce packets ($5) and 12 ounce packets ($10). The company also sells 5 ounce packets of Better Brittle covered in 60% dark chocolate for $10.  Better Brittle is sold throughout stores in New York,  Massachusetts, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Washington and Virginia (see the website for a complete list of retailers). To read more about Better Brittle and the other products (Coconut Brittle) the company makes or to place an 0n-line order, go to the Better Brittle website: Brittle

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