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March 5, 2015


NuttyPirateGranola Bars

by Anne Paddock

The western coastal waters off central Florida are known for treasure hunting opportunities with long ago sunken ships waiting to be discovered but this area (Ellenton, Florida) is also the home of Nutty Pirate Snacks – the makers of NuttyPirateGranola Bars: all natural, gluten and lactose-free granola bars that come in a variety of flavors.

Made of wholesome ingredients including oats, tapioca flour, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, dark chocolate chips, and nuts blended with agave nectar and homemade brown sugar (organic sugar and molasses), NuttyPirateGranola Bars are flavorful, chewy, slightly crunchy, and delicious.

NuttyPirateGranola BarsNuttyPirateGranola Bars are currently offered in ten flavors:

  • Almondelicious
  • Cherry Bomb
  • Cool Beans (espresso beans)
  • Cran Pom Pow
  • Don’t Be Blue
  • Figaro
  • Gimme S’more
  • Peanutty
  • Pieces of Date
  • Strawburied TreasureNutty_Pirate_Granola_Bars

All of the bars are vegan except Gimme S’more (due to the mini marshmallows). Each bar weighs between 1.0 – 2.1 ounces (28 – 59 grams) and sells for $1.50 each. The Chest of Treasure includes 12 NuttyPirateGranolaBars of your choice for $15 (plus shipping which was about $5 for my order). A NuttyPirateGranola Sample Bag includes 7 small bars for $3. To order on-line, go to the NuttyPirateSnacks Etsy site:

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