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March 31, 2015

Fullei Fresh Spicy Sprouts

by Anne Paddock

Fullei Fresh Spicy Sprouts will liven up any sandwich, wrap, or salad on your menu. Grown hydroponically indoors in a controlled, sanitary environment without the use of any pesticides, additives, or preservatives in Miami, Florida, Fullei Fresh Spicy Sprouts are made of three super fresh ingredients: alfalfa, clover, and radish.

The alfalfa has a mild flavor and a crunchy texture while the clover is also mild but nutty. The addition of the radish sprouts (which hail from the mustard family) with the slightly peppery taste is what adds the spice to the blend, along with even more crunchy texture and a touch of naturally pink color.Fullei_Fresh_Spicy_Sprouts

The spicy sprout blend is also rich in vitamins (especially Vitamin C), high in protein (3 grams per serving) and dietary fiber (2 grams), and low in sodium (15 mg per serving) and fat (none), sugars (2 grams per serving), and calories (25 per serving).Spicy_Sprouts

Sold in 5 ounce containers in the refrigerated section at Whole Foods Markets and other supermarkets, Fullei Fresh Spicy Sprouts sell for approximately $2.99. For more information on Fullei Fresh Spicy Sprouts and the company’s other products, see their website: www.fulleifresh.comFullei_Fresh_Spicy_Sprouts_Container

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