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What A Woman Of A Certain Age Wonders About

Middle age comes upon us quickly. First, we’re teenagers on the cusp of adulthood and then we’re in our 20’s and can’t wait to be 30 so we have a bit of credibility. We slide into our 30’s full of confidence and life becomes so busy that we wonder how did we all of a sudden become 40?

50 is just a blink away which brings big changes: our kids are grown or almost grown and we’ve entered an age where many things don’t matter anymore (a friend of mine calls these years the “Fu#% you 50’s”) and some things matter more than ever (like comfort, patience, logic, and compassion). We also have time to think about issues more deeply, especially: Read more »


Potomac Chocolate

The Washington, DC metropolitan area is a powerhouse of intrigue with politicians, lobbyists, judges, lawyers, and government offices but today the spotlight is on a chocolate maker in our nation’s capital. Ben Rasmussen owns and operates Potomac Chocolate: a real bean-to-bar chocolate maker who handcrafts truly incredible dark chocolate bars in a suburb (Woodbridge, Virginia) of Washington, D.C. Read more »


Günter Grass and “What Must Be Said”

This past week, Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu on the invitation of US Representative, John Boehner, addressed the US Congress on nuclear weapons and specifically how dangerous Iran would be with these weapons of mass destruction. Few would dispute that point while others would go even further asserting that none of the countries in the Middle East should have nuclear weapons. But, no one has made this bold statement more eloquently than Günter Grass, the 87-year old Nobel Prize laureate, German writer (novelist, poet and playwright) and artist (illustrator, scepter, and graphic artist). Read more »


NuttyPirateGranola Bars

The western coastal waters off central Florida are known for treasure hunting opportunities with long ago sunken ships waiting to be discovered but this area (Ellenton, Florida) is also the home of Nutty Pirate Snacks – the makers of NuttyPirateGranola Bars: all natural, gluten and lactose-free granola bars that come in a variety of flavors.

Made of wholesome ingredients including oats, tapioca flour, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, dark chocolate chips, and nuts blended with agave nectar and homemade brown sugar (organic sugar and molasses), NuttyPirateGranola Bars are flavorful, chewy, slightly crunchy, and delicious. Read more »


Josh’s Firehouse Dog Treats

Dogs are the leaders of the planet. If you see two life forms, one of them’s making a poop, the other one’s carrying it for him, who would you assume is in charge?    ~Jerry Seinfeld

As much as we like to think we’re in charge, most dog owners are totally gaga over their pups and go to great lengths to keep them happy and healthy. If Queen Elizabeth had an i-phone, bets on the cover photo would be on her corgis (the Queen is purported to prefer her dogs over her blood relatives).  But, I digress. Read more »


Bonbon Barnier

The words “Bonbon Barnier” seem to just flow out of my mouth when the discussion turns to lollipops (or what the French call sucettes). Maison Barnier is a 130 year old family company (established 1885) located in St. Etienne du Rouvray in the Normandy region of France, dedicated to creating quality confections using traditional ingredients and methods. Almond-shaped (large) with a short stick, the BonBon Barnier sucette was invented in 1922  and became very popular with children and remains so generations later.

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