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October 4, 2015

One Degree Organic Sprouted Spelt Flour

by Anne Paddock

We believe in a better way.

One Degree Organic Foods is a company that believes in simplicity, sustainability, and integrity by using only organic foods grown with natural veganic methods (no chemical pesticides, herbicides, man-man or animal by-product fertilizers). So what is the difference between organic and veganic and what does it mean when both are combined?

An organic certification allows farmers to use animal waste, including blood meal and bone meal, to fertilize fields. Some organic farmers purchase these animal by-products from slaughterhouses and other non-organic sources. The animals have been given antibiotics and hormones throughout their lives, and exposed to pesticides and other chemicals. That’s why One Degree Organic Foods insists that all their ingredients are not only organic, but also veganic.One-Degree-Organic-Foods-Organic-Sprouted-Spelt-Flour-675625108631

Now consider adding sprouted to the process.  Grains are actually seeds of certain plants (primarily grass) and contain the potential to grow into a whole new plant. The grain – just like a seed – has three edible parts: the germ (the embryo), endosperm (the starchy food for the embryo that includes the protein rich aleurone layer), and bran (provides additional nutrients and protects the grain until it is ready to start the growth cycle).

Most grain is harvested and turned into flour before it has the chance to sprout. But, if the grain is exposed to the right temperature and moisture, then germination (sprouting) occurs.The built in inhibitors in the grain that temporarily protected the grain until it was ready to germinate are turned off by the enzymes created when the grain sprouted. To nourish the sprout, the starch of the endosperm is converted to easily digestible molecules. It is during this stage when the grain is straddling the line between seed and plant that many people believe they can enjoy the nutritious value of whole grains while being more readily digestible.

And, that’s what One Degree Organic Sprouted Spelt Flour is all about. Organic. Veganic. Sprouted. Try some today. The grain makes delicious bread and can also be used to make rolls, dessert breads, pie crust, crackers, tortillas, cakes, cupcakes, and more.One_Degree_Organic_Sprouted_Spelt_Flour

Each 2-pound bag (32 ounces) sells for about $7 at or find a retailer by using the company locator system:

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