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December 17, 2015

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

by Anne Paddock

Last week, The Wall Street Journal published an article entitled “The Truth Behind the Sell-By Date” but with a headline of “Don’t Toss the Milk, Dear” which addressed the expiration date on foods – an interesting topic for sure. But, the photograph that accompanied the article on the front page of The Personal Journal was even more thought provoking.

The picture showed a young mother (who also happens to work full-time outside the home according to the article) bent over feeding her 11-month old twins while her husband and the father of the twins stands behind her watching – one hand on his hip, the other resting on the counter. Scooping food into one baby’s mouth while the other looks on with its mouth wide open, the mother is smiling while she multitasks. Is there anyone else out there that sees something wrong with this picture?


WSJ_Don't_Toss_The_Milk_DearMy first reaction was “why is the husband watching and not pitching in to feed the babies? After all, there are two of them and clearly both babies are hungry. Then, I thought “well, maybe the photo was staged and the photographer didn’t want to show a father feeding his children?” But, then I thought “why wasn’t the photo staged to show the father feeding the babies while the mother stood back and watched? Or better yet, why weren’t both parents shown feeding their children?

A photograph like this on the front page of a “life” section of a national newspaper reinforces stereotypes. The father may be the most involved parent in the world but the picture conveys a different message. The article tells the reader that both parents work outside the home but the picture tells the reader, it is the wife and mother (either before or after work) who is doing the work at home while the father is sitting on the sidelines. A better message would have been sent if both parents were shown participating.

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