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June 4, 2016

Hungryroot Deliciousness

by Anne Paddock

Pure. Comfort. Food. Vegetable-centric foods that satisfy on every level.

Anyone who eats vegetables knows the worst part of enjoying nature’s most nutritious food group is the chopping, cutting, shredding, and for those who love vegetable noodles – spiralizing which turns nearly any vegetable into a mound of noodles (provided you have a spiralizer, time, and muscles).

When time is short, the muscles aren’t feelin’ it (or you’re a total wind suck) or you just want something altogether delicious and nutritious in less than 10 minutes, turn to Hungryroot: fresh, all natural gluten-free, and locally sourced convenience foods you can feel good about because each dish is centered around vegetables and how to prepare them perfectly to unleash the flavor. No chopping, no shredding, no spiralizing, and no running out to the grocery store for the garlic or lemon juice because the wholesome sauces are already made and ready to heat.

Hungryroot_ProductsPacked with protein, fiber, and nutrients, the Hungryroot foods are quick, fresh, and guilt-free. No dairy, preservatives, artificial flavors, colors, or anything weird…instead, the ingredients list reads like the who’s who of the plant world with recognizable ingredients (i.e vegetables, basil, lemon juice, tomatoes, basil, olive oil, onions, walnuts, garlic, beans, and more).

How does Hungryroot do this? For the noodle entrees, Hungryroot makes vegetables into noodles and pairs them with sauces:

  • Turnip Noodles with Toasted Walnut Pesto
  • Celery Root Noodles with Sweet Basil Gremolata
  • Carrot Noodles with Tangy Sriracha Sauce
  • Daikon Noodles with Korean Scallion Gochujang
  • Sweet Potato Noodles with Creamy Cashew Alfredo
  • Beet Noodles with Savory Almond Sesame
  • Rutabaga Noodles with Roasted Mushroom Pistou
  • Boniata (Cuban Sweet Potato) Noodles with Fresh Bean Salsa

Rutabaga_Noodles_with_Roasted_Mushroom_PistouIn about 7 minutes or less, dinner is ready for $9. It’s that easy because everything is already cut, pre-measured, and ready to throw together on the stove (or microwave). Of course, you can add other ingredients including steamed broccoli, sautéed tofu, zucchini, green beans, spinach, and nuts to make the dish even grander. The servings are very generous and can easily serve 2 people although the nutritional facts state the whole package is one serving. Below is a 12-inch skillet filled with two packages of noodles (Turnip and Sweet Potato) which easily provided four servings.Turnip_and_Sweet_Potato_Noodles

Hungryroot also sells three types of their vegetable noodles – sweet potato, carrot, and turnip – separately. Each 13-15 ounce package is $7.  Consider combining one of the packaged noodles and sauces with an extra box of noodles and adding whatever vegetables are available to feed a larger group. Below is the Turnip Noodles with Toasted Walnut Pesto combined with Sweet Potato Noodles and fresh steamed broccoli.Turnip_Noodles_with_Toasted_Walnut_Pesto

The company also sells side dishes (Cauliflower Couscous with Moroccan Almond Curry, Smashed Roots with Cracked Garlic Pepper, Root Risotto with Thyme Apple Butter), desserts, spreads, breakfast to-go meals, and snacks. See the Hungryroot website for a  complete description of all their products.HUngryroot_Maple_Chickpea_Pancakes

To purchase Hungryroot products, go to the company website at (shipping is free for all orders over $50) or buy locally at Whole Foods Markets. Amazon Fresh and Fresh Direct also carry the company’s products.

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