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August 7, 2016

CB’s Organic Naked Pumpkin Seeds

by Anne Paddock

Not all pumpkin seeds are created equal. With 95% of the pumpkin seeds on grocery store shelves imported from China (labeling laws allow food manufacturers to do this by importing the raw seeds and processing them in the US), CB’s Nuts Organic Naked Pumpkin Seeds stand out in the crowd because they taste better, are organic, and grown sustainably in the US.

CB’s Organic Naked Pumpkin Seeds come from the Styrian (pronounced steer-i-an) pumpkin – a variety that was originally cultivated in the province of Styria in Austria for its hull-less seeds which are naturally green. Full of protein (9 grams per ounce), CB’s Organic Naked Pumpkin Seeds are sourced directly from an organic farm (Stahlbush Island Farms) in Corvallis, Oregon, a leader in sustainable and organic farming in the northwest.styrian-pumpkin-halves

The seeds are brined in a solution of water and sea salt, dried and slowly roasted in barrels, which is key to developing the flavor of the seeds. By slow roasting the seeds, the natural oils rise to the surface so no other oils are added or needed in the process. Crunchy, rich, nutritious and delicious, CB’s Organic Naked Pumpkin Seeds are the ultimate in pumpkin seeds. Don’t be fooled by their looks: what they lack in beauty, they more than make up in flavor.Organic_Naked_Pumpkin_Seeds

Sold in 2 ounce ($3.25) and 4 ounce ($6.50) resealable packets, CB’s Organic Naked Pumpkin Seeds can be purchased on-line at and at select Whole Foods Markets.

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