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September 4, 2016

California Suncakes

by Anne Paddock

Sometimes the most delicious products are found in the most unlikely places.

Iowa City is known for a lot of things – a huge university (University of Iowa – home of the Iowa Writer’s Workshop), local breweries, the Iowa City Jazz Festival, the Airliner Bar (where Ashton Kutcher was discovered by a modeling scout), and the New Pioneer Food Co-op (think of a small-scale Whole Foods Market but better) which is where I found California Suncakes:  4-ounce oatcakes that come in 6 varieties:

  • Apricot-AlmondCalifornia_Suncake_Apricot_Almond
  • CranberryCalifornia_Suncake_Cranberry
  • Chocolate OrangeCalifornia_Suncake_Chocolate_Orange
  • Lemon PoppyCalifornia_Suncakes_Lemon_Poppy
  • AppleCaclifornia_Suncakes_Apple
  • DateCalifornia_Suncakes_Date

Gluten-free with no wheat, dairy, or oils, California Suncakes are made with whole grain oats, dried fruits (unsulfured), natural fruit juices, brown rice and soy flours, rice bran, brown rice syrup, natural extracts (chicory root, almond, orange, lemon), semi-sweet chocolate, orange peel, poppy seeds, and spices (cinnamon, allspice, ginger).

The cakes are made by the Healthy Baking Company (0f Emeryville, California) with non-GMO ingredients, are vegan, have virtually no sodium, are nut-free and have no refined sugars. Shaped like a hockey puck, California Suncakes have a shelf life of about 30 days so store them in the freezer and take them out as needed.

Each 4-ounce cake provides 30-40% of your daily protein and fiber requirements in a dense but moist and chewy cake. Available at select grocery stores, health food stores, fitness centers, and specialty markets and on-line at the company’s website: 6 individually packaged cakes are $12.95 (about $2.15 each) plus shipping. Check out the promos on the site for first-time and large purchase discounts.

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