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September 22, 2016


Needed: Single Serving Non-Dairy Milks With No Added Sugar

by Anne Paddock

All I want is a single serving container of unsweetened non-dairy milk…..

Whenever I travel, I take along alternatives to dairy milk which generally includes a quart of unsweetened almond, cashew, hemp, soy or oat milk so that I can enjoy my coffee or a bowl of muesli or granola in the morning. It’s not that I oppose eating breakfast at a hotel; I would gladly eat what most people consider the most important meal of the day in a sun-filled dining room if these breakfasts included fresh fruit, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and unsweetened non-dairy milks. I would add legumes and vegetables to that list but for most Americans, these items are an acquired taste before noon.

If I’m staying in one place, the only inconvenience is toting along a quart-sized container of non-dairy milk. Once I’ve reached my destination, the refrigerator stores any unused milk to use later or the next day. But, if I’m moving around, then I find myself scrambling around to find a grocery store and scouring the shelves for unsweetened non-dairy milk. The whole problem would be solved if I could find 6 or 8-ounce single serving containers of unsweetened non-dairy milk that I can easily carry in a backpack or small suitcase and take from place to place because it’s just not easy carrying quart-sized containers, especially ones that have already been opened.Non_Dairy_Milks

So, what’s the problem with added sugar? We don’t need it. Non-dairy milks have a creamy rich taste that derives naturally from the nut, bean, or grain used to make it – almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, oats, hemp, soy and more. Since most of our cereal already has sugar (either naturally occurring or added) and coffee is generally not sweetened with a milk, why add sugar to a product that already tastes delicious? Naturally occurring sugar (as in oat milk) is fine; I just don’t want added sugar which judging by what’s available at grocery stores does not exist. There are simply no unsweetened non-dairy single serve containers available on our grocery shelves.

There are companies – Pacific Foods, Almond Breeze, Califia Farms, So Delicious, and Silk – that offer a limited selection of single serving sizes (8 -10.5 ounces) of non-dairy milks but every single one with the exception of a new product by Silk called Unsweetened Almondmilk Singles, has added sugar in the form of organic dried cane syrup, evaporated cane juice, or cane sugar.  The only problem with Silk’s new product is that it’s so new that it’s not on the shelves yet but this is what it will look like:Silk_Almond_Milk_Unsweetened

To let companies know unsweetened non-dairy milks in single serving containers are needed, contact the manufacturers by clicking on the following links.

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  1. JN
    Aug 15 2018

    OMG! This is so on point! I’m about to go away and I am going to have to pay $25 just to take a quart of hemp milk – – which has been indispensable for my leaky gut healing process. I was searching for individual serving containers and your post came up.

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