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September 20, 2016

Gotham Dark Chocolate Bars

by Anne Paddock

Gotham Bar and Grill (Gotham) in Greenwich Village is considered one of the best restaurants in New York City but what many people don’t know is that Gotham also makes some of the most delicious dark chocolate bars in the Big Apple. Made in three delicious varieties, the dairy-free dark chocolate bars are made from cacao beans grown in Bolivia and Ecuador.

Independent Bar: A 70% dark chocolate bar made with 4 ingredients:  cacao mass, sugar, cacao butter, and Madagascar vanilla. A complex and balanced chocolate bar that is as smooth as creamy melted dark chocolate.Gotham_Independent_Bar

Wild Bar:  A single origin dark chocolate bar made with 3 ingredients: cacao mass, sugar and cacao butter. Made from the highly rated and prized cacao – criollo amazonico – this chocolate bar has a deep, strong dark chocolate flavor with citrus overtones.Gotham_Wild_Bar

Intense Bar:  A 70% dark chocolate bar with freshly ground Burundi coffee beans that is as intense as that first cup of coffee in the morning. Smooth, robust, and bold, this dark chocolate bar offers the best of both worlds. Made with cacao mass, sugar, cacao butter, Madagascar vanilla, and coffee beans, the Intense Bar is exactly what its name suggests.Gotham_Intense_Chocolate_Bar

Each 60 gram bar (2.1 ounces) and sells for $9 at Gotham Bar and Grill or through their on-line shop:

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