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October 12, 2016

10 Better Halloween Treats

by Anne Paddock

Halloween is that one day of the year when it’s all about the candy from the moment the kids wake up to that serene moment when you tuck their sugar laden bodies into bed. Although most people have to go with the flow and tolerate their kids bringing bags of sugary candy (is there any other kind?) home, there are ways to work around the system and provide trick or treaters (and your kids) with a delicious treat that isn’t loaded with garbage.

Are these treats the optimal snacks? No. As Dr. Michael Greger, MD says “Foods are not so much good or bad as they are better or worse.” So, think of it this way: Eating the snacks listed below are better than eating candy made with refined sugar, high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors and colors, and other additives.

Here are 10 suggestions:

Second Nature Naked Medley:  These single serving 1.5 ounce packets are filled with three ingredients: raisins, almonds, and cashews. No added sugar or salt. Buy a box with 16 single serve packets for $17.88 ($1.12 each) on Amazon (

Wonderful Pistachios:  California-grown pistachios (roasted and salted with 120 mg of sodium) in a convenient 1.5 ounce single serve packet. Purchase a box with 24 packets for as low as $18.31 ($0.76 per packet) on or 36 packets for $28.44 ($0.79 per packet) on


Frontier Bites: Made with 8 ingredients in three varieties:  Almond Blueberry Lemon (almonds, sunflower seeds, brown rice syrup, honey, puffed millet, puffed rice, blueberries, and pure lemon oil), Pecan Cherry Cinnamon (pecans, sunflower seeds, brown rice syrup, honey, puffed millet, puffed rice, cherries, and ground cinnamon), Macadamia Pineapple Coconut (macadamia nuts, sunflower seeds, brown rice syrup, honey, puffed millet, puffed rice, pineapple, and coconut), these bite-sized treats are a great alternative to candy bars. Each box contains 8 (0.9 ounce) resealable zip top pouches. Purchase on-line for $15 ($1.88 each) at


EDEN Pocket Sampler:  All nine of the popular single serve EDEN Pocket Snacks – a satisfying array of textures and tastes – are crunchy, chewy, nutty and rich, salty, spicy hot, sweet, and tart – including pumpkin seeds (what could be more festive on Halloween?). All are very low in sodium, gluten and wheat free, but rich in fiber and nutrients. All of the snacks are packed in 1 ounce, single serve, protective bags that retain flavor, freshness, and nutrients. The dried fruits are sulfite-free. Purchase on-line from for $9.86 ($1.10 per packet). Eden_Foods_Sampler

Bare Natural Apple Chips:  Made from fresh apples that are sliced and baked to a delicious crunch, these apple chips have no added sugar because bare apples really are the best! 24 bags (0.53 ounces) sell for $25.38 ($1.06 each) and can be purchased on-line at


Umpqua Oats Not Guilty Oatmeal: These 2.58 ounce single serving containers of oatmeal are unsweetened (no added sugar) with no artificial anything. Thick, chewy, and slightly sweet thanks to the dried fruit, this breakfast or snack choice is made with oats, apples, blueberries, flax, and chia seeds. That’s it. Certified gluten and GMO free. A pack of 12 containers is as low as $25.53 ($2.13 each) on or at for $28.80 ($2.40 each).


Matt’s Munchies: The best fruit leathers on the market come in eight flavors: Mango, Grape, Banana, Apple-icious, Mango Ginger, Mango Apricot, Mango Acai, Island Mango, Banana Coconut, and Tropical Punch that sell for about $2 per single serving 1 ounce packets at,, or Note:  TalDepot sells 12 packets for $21 ($1.75 each), shipping included.mattsmunchies

Nature’s Addict Fruit Snacks: These bite sized fruit treats are 100% fruit and hit the mark on texture and flavor with chewy, tangy sweetness in every bite. But 30 packs for $42 ($1.40 each) on-line at

Sensible Foods Crunch Dried Snacks:  For trick or treaters that prefer crunch over chewiness, then consider these gluten-free, non-GMO, and dairy-free (vegan) crunchy dried snacks that contain no added sugar, additives, or preservatives. Made in six varieties:  Fuji Apple, Cherry Berry, Tropical Blend, Orchard Blend, Roasted Edamame and Sweet Corn, the single serve packets (0.34 – 0.42 ounces) can be purchased on-line at where 24 packets sell for $16 – $19 ($0.67 – $0.79 each).  Fruit really is nature’s candy!Sensible_Foods_Crunchy_Dried_Snacks

Unique Mult-Grain Splits:  Who doesn’t love pretzels and what’s not to love about multi-grain “splits” – traditional looking pretzels made with unbleached flour, a grain blend of at flour cracked wheat, barley flakes, corn meal, wheat gluten, rye meal, flax seed, millet, sesame seeds, barley malt, spices, salt, canola oil, yeast and soda. No sugars, artificial colors or flavors, trans fats, preservatives, or additives. 48 single serve 1.5-ounce packets are $48.95 ($1.02 each) or 24 3-ounce packets for $22.50 ($0.93 each), shipping included can be purchased on-line at or 24 3-ounce packets for $22.50 ($0.93 each), shipping included at Note: Unique also sells a pretzel without salt with significantly less sodium.Unique_Multi_Grain_Splits

Nuts, seeds, whole grains, and dried fruits make festive and delicious Halloween treats that are nutritious, scrumptious  and “better” than the processed, sugary candy made with high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, colors, and other additives that our trick or treaters can do without.

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