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December 12, 2016


by Anne Paddock

A nut grown under makes for a milk above the rest.

Milkadamia is one of the newest and most creamy non-dairy nut milks on the market. Made of filtered water, macadamia nuts, calcium phosphate, pea protein, natural flavors, locust bean gum, sea salt, sunflower lecithin, gellan gum, and vitamins A, D, and B12, Milkadamia has all the good ingredients and none of the bad stuff.

Nutritionally, Milkadamia has 50% more calcium than 1% cow milk with a single 8 ounce serving providing 45% of the recommended daily amount along with 25% of Vitamin D, 50% of Vitamin B12, and 10% of Vitamin A. Smooth and  rich, Milkadamia has about 50 calories, 1 gram of protein, 1 gram of fiber, 5 grams of fat, and no cholesterol per 8 ounce serving making this dairy-free milk a delicious alternative to moo milk.

milkadamiaFree of dairy, soy, GMO’s, and gluten, Milkadamia comes in two flavors:  sweetened and unsweetened with the only difference being the inclusion or exclusion of pure cane sugar. The original sweetened version has added cane sugar which gives the milk 6 grams of sugar per 8 ounce serving. The unsweetened version has zero grams of sugar.Milkadamia_Unsweetened

Made from macadamia nuts grown on trees on the eastern coast of Australia, where the tree originated, Milkadamia is made by Jindilli Farms – a family owned business – that also manufactures the milk in New York for US consumers using the macadamia nuts grown on the farm.Jindilli Farm

Priced at about $5 per quart (32 ounces), Milkadamia is naturally rich, creamy, and delicious. Use in cereal, cooking, and baking as an alternative to dairy products.Milkadamia

To purchase Milkadamia, use the company locator service ( to find a local grocery, nutrition, or retail store. On-line, Milkadamia can be purchased at for $4.59 per container.Milkadamia

Moo is moot.

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