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August 29, 2017

Fashion Forms Lingerie Laundry Bag

by Anne Paddock

Fashion Forms – an Austin, Texas-based company – is a leading producer of specialty bras and accessories in the US, Canada, and Europe so who better to make a Lingerie Laundry Bag to protect fine washables?

Made of durable fine mesh to allow soap and water to flow through easily for optimal cleaning, the Fashion Forms Lingerie Laundry Bag has a zipper closure to keep the lingerie securely in the bag during the washing machine cycle. To prevent the zipper from opening, the corner of the bag has a piece of material to keep the zipper in place.

Designed to protect delicate bras, panties, slips, hosiery, swim suits, and other fine garments, the Fashion Forms Lingerie Laundry Bag keeps snags, tears, and knotting from happening in the washing machine. Simply fill the bag with your delicates, zip close, and place in the washing machine on the delicate cycle or regular cycle with low to medium spinning. When the cycle is complete, remove the Fashion Forms Lingerie Laundry Bag, unzip and remove the contents to hang dry (or place in the dryer).

The Fashion Forms Lingerie Laundry Bag comes in two sizes:  Medium (12 inches x 14.5 inches) which is referred to as Style 885 and Large (22.5 inches x 21 inches) which is referred to as Style 887. The medium-sized bag holds about 2-3 bras while the large-sized bag can easily hold lingerie, pants, and blouses.

Priced at about $6 for the medium-sized bag and $6.50 for the large-sized bag, Fashion Forms Lingerie Laundry Bag is a must have for anyone who has delicate garments. Purchase on-line directly from the company at or from or www.macy’ and other retailers on-line who carry lingerie.

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