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November 23, 2017

Norwegian Knekkebrød: Crispbread

by Anne Paddock

On a trip to New York City, my daughter suggested we go to the Norwegian Christmas Fair at the Norwegian Seaman’s Church on East 52nd Street. Held annually in mid-November over a 3-day period, the Norwegian Christmas Fair offers handmade blankets, sweaters, hats, gloves, ornaments, candles, and a wide variety of Norwegian food products including a Norwegian crispbread called  Knekkebrød (pronounced “knockie broad”).

Knekkebrød is a traditional flatbread or crispbread (almost like a large cracker) made primarily with grains and seeds. At the Norwegian Christmas Fair, Knekkebrød by Norwegian Baked – a Brooklyn-based company – were offered as samples and in 6 ounce sealed packets.  Before tasting the Knekkebrød, I read the label:

Ingredients:  organic rye flour, organic oats, organic sunflower seeds, organic pumpkin seeds, organic oat bran, organic flax seeds, organic sesame seeds, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic psyllium husks, baking powder water, and sea salt.

Impressed by the ingredients (organic! no sugar! no dairy! no eggs! no preservatives! no artificial anything!), I tasted a sample and just smiled from ear to ear because the flavor was amazing. Nutty, crunchy, and rich with seeds, Norwegian Baked Knekkebrød was like no other crispbread I ever tasted and made me wonder “Knekkebrød, where have you been all my life?” It’s that good.

The flavor was simply delicious – in fact, the crackers were so good, I found myself circling the room and coming back to the sample table every few minutes for another piece of Knekkebrød before realizing I better buy a few bags.

Serve Knekkebrød with soup or salad or spread your favorite nut butter or cheese (Miyoko’s Smoked Farmhouse Cashew Cheese is delicious) on Knekkebrød for a mid-morning or afternoon snack. Knekkebrød is a fantastic and nutritious alternative to bread.

Norwegian Baked Knekkebrød is primarily sold in stores throughout New York City and Brooklyn but can be purchased on-line on Etsy (click here). Two 6-0unce packets  (Classic and Sea Salt) are $20; six 6-ounce packets are $50.

To read more about Norwegian Baked Knekkebrød, go to

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