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February 3, 2018

Executive Salaries at Goodwill

by Anne Paddock

Goodwill Industries was established in 1902 and is widely known across the country as the place where we all donate clothing and household goods to help others.

There are 161 Goodwill Industries agencies and more than 3,200 retail stores in the US and 14 other countries that generate $5.7 billion in revenue annually, and Goodwill Industries International, Inc is the executive member association organization that provides oversight, support, expertise, and products to local agencies (each is a separate 501 (c) (3)) that operates independently but who collectively pay membership dues to support Goodwill Industries International, Inc. (Goodwill).

In 2016, Goodwill reported $42.5 million in revenue which derived from four sources:

  • $20.7 million (49% of revenue):  membership dues
  • $14.8 million (35% of revenue):  government grants
  • $3.7 million (9% of revenue):  contributions
  • $3.2 million ( 7% of revenue): conferences/seminars and program services

Goodwill used $18 million to compensate 194 employees which equates to an average of $93,000 per employee. 54 received more than $100,000 in compensation with $3 million provided to the following 9 employees:

  • $1,114,375:  James Gibbons, CEO
  • $  310,407:  Jeffrey McCaw, CFO
  • $  307,909:  Kimberly Zimmer, Chief Marketing Officer
  • $  263,216:  Wendi Copeland, SVP, Strategy and Development
  • $  245,258:  Judith Branzelle, Chief Legal Officer
  • $  221,107:   Paul Downes, VP, Data Analytics
  • $  209,660:  Deborah Betsch, VP, Leadership and Learning
  • $  186,290:  Jennifer Davis, VP, Mission Advancement
  • $  181,347:  Beth Perell, VP, Member Relations

As listed above, 3 (or 33%) of the most highly compensated employees are men while 6 (or 67%) are women.  One employee, James Gibbons, the CEO received total compensation of $1.1 million.

The IRS Form 990 reports the organization pays for first class or charter travel and pay for personal services (which appears to be because the CEO is blind and requires an automobile transportation service).

Update:  Click on “Executive Compensation at Goodwill (2018)” for more recent information.

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