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April 15, 2018

Executive Compensation at the ASPCA

by Anne Paddock

The ASPCA is a New York-based non-profit that raises about $200 million a year and has about $230 million in net fund assets. With 1,177 employees that cost the organization nearly $80 million a year (an average of $68,000 each), the ASPCA focuses on animal welfare.

The IRS Form 990 (2016) reports that 161 individuals received more than $100,000 in compensation with the 15 most highly compensated individuals listed below:

  • $463,651:  Mathew Bershadker, President and CEO
  • $346,522:  Elizabeth Estroff, SVP, Communications
  • $344,666:  Todd Hendricks, SVP, Development and Marketing
  • $324,141:   J’Mai Gayle, Director, Surgery
  • $318,898:  Julie Morris, SVP, Community Outreach
  • $303,921:  Sarah Levin Goodstine, SVP, Operations and Strategy
  • $300,971:  Stephen J Musso, EVP, Capital Projects and Facilities
  • $291,206:  Jed Rogers III, DVM, SVP, Animal Health Services (to 9/9/16)
  • $282,635:  Stacy Wolf, SVP, Anti-Cruelty Group
  • $265,370:  Nancy Perry, Government Relations
  • $260,728:  Randall Lockwood, SVP, Forensic Science and Anti-Cruelty
  • $258.420:  Beverly Jones, SVP, Chief Legal Officer
  • $250,337:  Gail Buchwald, SVP, Adoptions and NYC No-Kill
  • $249,969:  Bert Troughton, SVP, Animal Health Services
  • $224,183:  Johanna Richman, SVP and CFO (to 10/21/16)

The above 15 individuals (6 men and 9 women) received a total of $4.5 million.

It is also important to note:

Jed Rogers III received $28,539 in severance upon his departure.

Stephen J Musso received $6,159 in discretionary income from the organization.

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