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September 1, 2018

Maker™ Overnight Oats

by Anne Paddock

September is the month when our lives speed up, especially in the morning when we all seem to be racing out the door. Breakfast – still considered the most important meal of the day – is often on the go because who has time to turn on the stove, cook, and clean dirty dishes in the morning? And, yet we all need a super nutritious and delicious breakfast to start the day.

Overnight oats were invented with convenience in mind. Everything is done the night before but in order to make great overnight oats, you have to think ahead and have the ingredients on hand. For those times when the pantry doesn’t have a wide selection of ingredients (i.e. oats, flaxseed meal, chia seeds, dried fruits, and spices), consider Maker Oats™ – easy, delicious, and nutritious options in individual pouches and glass jars that make it easy to make overnight oats in less than a minute.

Maker™ Oats is also referred to as Maker™ Overnight Oats and is the brand name of the overnight oats products. Made by Inviting Foods, LLC, Maker™ Oats is owned by the Quaker Oats Company but don’t be disappointed that this fantastic new product is made by a huge corporation because all food companies should be this progressive. Using all certified organic ingredients with no added sugar, Maker™ Oats sets a new standard for other major food companies to strive for.

Maker™ Oats makes three types of overnight oats in individual pouches and glass jars:

Apple & Coconut:  Made with organic whole grain rolled oats, organic dried diced apples, organic raisins, organic Zante currants, organic dried coconut, organic sliced almonds, organic diced dates, organic chia seeds, organic ground cinnamon, and organic ground ginger.

Banana & Coffee:  Made with organic whole grain rolled oats, organic dried dates, organic freeze-dried diced bananas, organic dried coconut, organic chia seeds, organic instant coffee, organic ground cinnamon, and organic ground nutmeg.

Mulberry & Chia: Made with organic whole grain rolled oats, organic dried mulberries, organic raisins, organic diced dates, organic pumpkin seeds, organic dried golden berries, organic chia seeds, and organic ground cinnamon.

Each box of Maker™ Oats contains five individual pouches (a single large pouch is not offered because spices tend to settle so pouring or scooping out the blend would only capture the top ingredients) that sell for about $9-$12, depending on the retailer.

The single serving glass jar sells for about $5-$6 and can be reused.

To make Maker™ Overnight Oats, simply pour the pouch in a jar or bowl, add your favorite liquid (I prefer unsweetened macadamia nut milk because I don’t like my overnight oats too sweet (the dried fruits make the oats sweet enough) but if you prefer a sweeter flavor, use sweetened milk or add a teaspoon of coconut palm sugar). Shake, cover and place in the refrigerator.

The soaking time allows the dried fruit to moisten and plump up so make sure you leave the overnight oats in the fridge overnight. Also, consider adding a tablespoon of flaxseed meal for an added boost of nutrition (Note:  add more liquid if flaxseed meal is added).

To read more about Maker™ Oats, visit the website: Buy on-line from

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