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June 14, 2019


Executive Compensation at Catholic Health Initiatives

by Anne Paddock

Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI) is one of the largest non-profit health care providers in the country with 101 hospitals and clinics in 18 states. Based in Englewood, Colorado, CHI has more than 250 related organizations that file separate Form 990’s. This post simply addresses the executive compensation at CHI in Englewood, Colorado.

3,446 employees were compensated $396 million, or an average of compensation of $114,000 in 2017. However, only 962 employees were compensated more than $100,000 with the 24 most highly compensated individuals listed below:

  • $6,580,505:  Kevin Lofton, CEO
  • $4,042,972:  Michael Rowan, President of Health Care Delivery, COO
  • $3,757,916:  Dean Swindle, President of Enterprise Business Lines, CFO/Treasurer
  • $3,313,357:  Robert Weil, SVP/Chief Medical Officer
  • $2,138,681:  John Dicola, EVP Enterprise Strategic Development
  • $2,114,496:  David Vellinga, SVP Divisional Operations, MBO CEO
  • $2,061,684:  Ruth Williams Brinkley, SVP/MBO President and CEO
  • $2,049,191:  Michael Covert, SVP, Divisional Operations/MBO CEO
  • $1,992,379:  Cliff Robertson, SVP Divisional Operations, MBO CEO
  • $1,799,924:  Ketul Patel, SVP Divisional Operations, MBO CEO
  • $1,774,788:  Thomas Clifford Devany, SVP Physician Services and Clin Integ
  • $1,698,974:  Patricia Webb, EVP and Chief Admin Officer, HR Officer
  • $1,656,674:  Thomas Kopfensteiner, EVP, Mission
  • $1,582,359:  Mitch H Melf, EVP Corp Affairs and Chief Legal Officer/Secretary
  • $1,348,744:  Paul Edgett, III, EVP and Chief Strategy Officer
  • $1,343,536:  Jeffrey Drop, SVP and Division Executive Officer
  • $1,326,021:  Kathleen Sanford, SVP and Chief Nursing Officer
  • $1,285,678:  Stephen Moore, Former SVP and Chief Medical Officer *($344 from CHI)
  • $1,285,361:  Peter Banko, SVP and Div Executive Officer
  • $1,254,345: Michael O’Rourke, SVP and Chief Information Officer
  • $1,155,540:  Nicholas M Barto, SVP Corporate Finance – Investments
  • $  841,390:  Phillip Foster, SVP, Risk and Insurance
  • $  681,025:  Joyce Ross, SVP Marketing and Comm/Asst Secretary
  • $  435,857:  Steven Kehrberg, Former SVP, Supply Chain and Clinical Eng

Nearly $50 million was paid to the 24 employees listed above. 20 of the 24 (83%) most highly compensated employees are male while 4 of the 24 (17%) are female.  Of the 10 most highly compensated employees, 9 are male and 1 is a female.

The IRS Form 990 also reports CHI paid for first class or charter travel, travel for companions, and tax indemnification and gross up payments. To read more about these expenses, go to Schedule J, Part III, Supplemental Information (although no detail is provided as to the extent of these expenses).

To read the IRS Form 990 for the year ending June 30, 2017, click here.

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  1. WC
    Oct 16 2019

    Thank you for this!!!! So hard to find this info for the countless healthcare conglomerates out there.

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