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June 26, 2019


Executive Compensation at Dignity Health

by Anne Paddock

Dignity Health is one of the largest non-profit healthcare providers in the United States.  Headquartered in San Francisco, Dignity Health is the largest hospital provider in California although this 501 (c) (3) serves communities in 21 states.

The most recent IRS Form 990 available (2016) for the year ending June 30, 2017 for Dignity Health (the administrative entity only – note: there are numerous 501 (c) (3’s) in which Dignity Health is the direct controlling entity) reported $9.9 billion in revenue, $9.8 billion in expenses (including $480 million in depreciation). At the beginning of the year net fund assets were $4.2 billion but after adding in excess revenue, unrealized gains on investments, and changes in assets, Dignity Health closed the year with $5.1 billion.

In 2017, Dignity Health reported having 54,608 employees who were compensated $5.2 billion (about 50% of the revenue), which equates to an average compensation of $94,500. 13,933 individuals received more than $100,000 in compensation with the 33 most highly compensated individuals listed below:

  • $10,260,615:  Lloyd H Dean, President and CEO
  • $ 4,780,385:  Marvin O’Quinn, SEVP, Chief Operating Officer
  • $ 4,141,097:  Charles P Francis, SEVP, Chief Strategy Officer
  • $ 3,779,854:  Elizabeth Shih, EVP, Chief Administrative Officer
  • $ 2,780,180:  Rick Grossman, EVP, General Counsel
  • $ 2,539,416:  Darryl Robinson, EVP, Chief Human Resource Officer
  • $ 2,506,407:  Robert Wiebe, EVP, Chief Medical Officer
  • $ 2,341,017:  Deanna Wise, EVP, Chief Information Officer
  • $ 1,954,534:  Daniel J Morissette, SEVP and CFO
  • $ 1,799,833:  Linda Hunt, SVP, Operations Arizona
  • $ 1,759,272:  Michael D Blaszyk, Former Officer
  • $ 1,731,842:  Patty White, Hospital President
  • $ 1,571,121:  Jon VanBoening, SVP, Operations Central Valley
  • $ 1,556,109:  Mark Korth, SVP, Ops, North State/EVP CTO
  • $ 1,545,726:  Steven Barron, SVP, Operations Southern California
  • $ 1,498,023:  Charles Cova, SVP, Operations, Central Coast
  • $ 1,478,413:  Laune Harting, SVP, Operations, Greater Sacramento
  • $ 1,400,819:  Elizabeth I Keith, EVP, Sponsorship/Mission Integrity
  • $ 1,343,643:  Karl Silberstein, SVP, Financial Operations
  • $ 1,293,386:  Todd A Strumwasser, SVP, Operatons Bay Area
  • $ 1,283,288:  Mary Connick, SVP, Finance, Corporate Control
  • $ 1,136,003:  Keith Callahan, SVP, Support and Services Resources Mgr
  • $ 1,111,497:  Edmundo Castaneda, Hospital President
  • $ 1,092,823:  Joseph Jasser, President, CEO, DHMF
  • $ 1,065,938:  Darren Lee, Hospital President
  • $ 1,038,563:  Tammara Wilcox, SVP, Managed Care
  • $ 1,037,003:  Bruce Swartz, SVP, Physician Integration
  • $   976,483:  Lisa Gamshad Zuckerman, SPB Treasury and Strategic Investments
  • $   916,285:  Brian G Brannman, SVP, Operations Nevada
  • $   840,668:  Timothy Panks, SVP, Finance and Revenue Cycle M
  • $   760,886:  Jeffrey W Land, SVP, Corporate Real Estate
  • $   651,288:  Diane Lee, VP and Associate General Counsel
  • $   418,702:  Bernita McTernan, Former KE

22 of the 33 (67%) most highly compensated employees are male while 11 of the 33 (33%) are female. Of the 10 most highly compensated employees who were compensated $1.8 -10.2 million, 7 are male, while 3 are female.

First class travel, tax indemnification and gross up payments, health or social club dues or initiation fees, and personal services were paid by Dignity Health. For detail on these expenses, see Schedule J, Part III, Supplemental Information of the IRS Form 990 (link at the end of the post).

Transactions with Interested Persons (Schedule L) reports a $400,000 loan was made to Elizabeth Keith for recruitment/relocation. The balance due is $300,000. In addition, a $400,000 loan was made to Mark North for recruitment/relocation. The balance due is $400,000. In addition, the following information was reported:

  • E-lead Resources, Inc, a family member of L Dean, an officer on the BOD, received $1,866,341 for marketing products and services
  • Melissa Panks Consulting, a family member of T Panks, TE received $198,966 for consulting services
  • Allison Cova, a family member of C Cova, a top 5 employee,  received $164,240 for employment.
  • Angela DeMichele, a family member of M DeMichele, a board member, received $92,448 for employment
  • Mathew Wekell, a family member of P White, a top 5 employee, received $85,841 for employment
  • Wade Dean, a family member of L Dean, an officer on the BOD, received $59,267 for employment

To read the IRS Form 990 (2016) for the year ending June 30, 2017, click here.

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  1. Eamonn Hogan
    Oct 22 2019

    This is a public disgrace and an insult to our true unrecognized herors aka as the men and women who work their asses off for decades called the “American tax payer” who gets little to nothing in return simply cause a legal scam like dignity health aka “shignity” is 100% tax free and yet pay Lloyd Dean a whopping $12 million and his exec staff aka family’s & friends
    I personally know 18% if Dean’s exec staff and believe me there’s nothing special and/or talented about them to even earn 1/16th if these outrageous sallaries, they just happen to be in the right place at the right time and their only real talent was their lips and jaw mussels under the right desk as the studied Monica lewinskies videos as they really “suck”
    This is the reason for outrageous health care costs in the so called land of the free plus these legal scams like dignity health are really bad for our country as they should be paying taxes on those outrageous fat profits, instead the massive funds line the pockets of Lloyd Dean and his “bitches” who are as useless as tits on a boar

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