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October 7, 2020


Executive Compensation at ProMedica Health

by Anne Paddock

ProMedica Health System, Inc. (ProMedica Health)  is an Ohio-based non-profit, tax-exempt corporation that serves as a holding company for numerous other organizations that make up the ProMedica Health System in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan. The system includes 13 hospitals, 900 healthcare providers, 400 assisted living facilities, and an insurance company (Paramount) all staffed by more than 56,000 employees.

With 2,498 employees who were compensated $163 million (an average compensation of $65,300), ProMedica Health – the holding company – provides management and support services to all the entities that make up the ProMedica Health System. Key information about the holding company include:

Total revenue was $481 million in 2017 (up from $221 million the prior year) , most of which came from related organizations and affiliates within the ProMedica Health system.

Total expenses of $343 million (including $32 million in depreciation), leaving a net profit of $138 million, which was added to net assets. The largest expense was compensation ($163 million) followed by office-related expenses ($77 million), fees for services ($29 million), and grants ($22 million).

Net assets were $2.5 billion at year-end, compared to $2.3 billion the prior year.

The 44 most highly compensated employees were reported to be:

  • $2,233,034:  Randall Oostra, President, Ex-Officio
  • $2,083,877:  Lee W Hammerling, Chief Physician Executive/CMO
  • $  947,271:  Daniel K Cassavar, President and CMO, PPG
  • $  943,529:  Michael P Browning, Treasurer
  • $  900,388:  Arturo Polizzi, President, Metro
  • $  896,302:  Kevin C Webb, Chief Acute and Post Acute Officer
  • $  860,583:  Jeffrey C Kuhn, Secretary
  • $  851,252:  John C Randolph, President, PIC
  • $  787,791:  Lori Johnston, Chief Information Officer
  • $  772,643:  Karen L Strauss, Chief Strategy, Marketing, , Comm, HR Officer
  • $  681,758:  Praveen K Tamarisa, Trustee*
  • $  615,096:  Emmett T Boyle, Jr, Ex-Officio*
  • $  601,587:  Bruce A Barnett, Trustee*
  • $  573,141:  Kathleen S Hanley, Former Officer
  • $  538,937:  Holly Bristoll, CIO, Academic Affairs
  • $  471,124:  Gary W Ackenberger, SVP, Diagnotic, Facilities, and Sec
  • $  469,971:  Alan M Sattler, Former Officer
  • $  469,591:  James F Bingle, Trustee*
  • $  458,955:  David Scott Mierzwiak, VP, Medical Affairs
  • $  440,169:  Annette S Phillips, Former Key Employee
  • $  436,693:  Dawn Buskey, COO, Metro Region, Acute Care
  • $  433,486:  Neeraj Kanwal, SVP, Pharm, Interim Pres, DH
  • $  430,247:  Gary L Moorman, VP, Medical Affairs, Monroe
  • $  418,966:  Gary M Cates, Chief Philanthropic Officer
  • $  418,812:  John D Meier, VP, Medical Director, Paramount
  • $  408,818:  Barbara J Petee, Chief Advocacy, Gov’t Relations Officer
  • $  407,993:  Dee A Bialecki-Haase, VP, Medical Op, PPG, and Pres, CIN
  • $  381,659:  Darrin M Arquette, SVP, Neuro, Heart, and Vascular
  • $  372,386:  Robert S Fredrick, SVP Academic Affairs
  • $  370,324:  Jered Wilson, VP, Managed Care
  • $  363,849:  Brian K Miller, Chief Medical Info Officer
  • $  327,441:  Scott Fought, VP, Finance, Acute Care Ops
  • $  326,821:  Kathleen M Krueger, SVP, Special Projects and Present, AHIS
  • $  321,365:  Paul Favorite, SVP, System Optimization
  • $  313,710:  Benet S Rupp, SVP, Human Resources
  • $  311,550:  Stephen Sadowski, Former Key Employee
  • $  306,724:  Deana L Sievert, Former Key Employee
  • $  276,781:  Robin Whitney, Former Key Employee
  • $  259,492:  Chase Canfield, Former Key Employee
  • $  240,042:  William Mueller, Former Key Employee
  • $  239,827:  Vivien Townsend, Former Key Employee
  • $  204,426:  Susan Payden, Former Key Employee
  • $  200,079:  Martin Dansack, Former Key Employee
  • $  162,131:  Mary Ellen K Pizza, Trustee*

30 of the 44 (68%) of the most highly compensated employees are male while 14 of the 44 (32%) are female. However, 6 of the 14 females are former employees (whereas only 5 of the 30 highly compensated male employees are former). If former employees are not included 25 of the 33 (76%) most highly compensated employees are male while 8 of the 33 (24%) are female. 8 of the 10 most highly compensated employees are male while 2 are female.

ProMedica Health provided a housing allowance or residence for personal use and paid for personal services.  Specifically, a residence for the personal use of one officer was paid for and included in taxable compensation. Personal services were paid for 3 officers, 14 key employees and 4 former key employees (which were also included in taxable income).

Randall Oostra, President and CEO was provided a loan for $1,526,035 for life insurance premium payments. The balance due is $1,526,035.

Daniel K Cassavar, President and CMO, PPG (B) was provided a loan for $450,000 with the purpose being a signing bonus. The balance due is $180,000. This “loan” described as a “signing bonus” appears to be a signing bonus where certain portions are forgiven over time in order to retain Mr. Cassavar as an employee. However, the terms of the loan are not disclosed on the Form 990.

It is important to note Page 9 of the Form 990 (2017) that discloses the number of employees who received more than $100,000 in compensation along with the number of independent contractors, and the 5 most highly compensated independent contractors is blank at the source on-line (

To read the IRS Form 990 (2017), click here.

  1. Oct 8 2020

    Thanks, Dan. I will add Boys Town (I believe the organization is called Father Flanagans Boys Home..please correct me if I am wrong) and Doctors Without Borders to my list and get them done in the coming weeks. Again, thank you.

  2. Dan Gaubas
    Oct 7 2020

    Good morning Anne. You are doing a great job of providing the information on these organizations. If you have done reviews on either Boys Town of the Nebraska home and Doctors Without Borders non-profits, let me know, for I am interested in their latest tax released information. Thank you again for your time and ongoing dedication for keeping us aware of these high profile organizations. Sincerely, Dan Gaubas, a grateful senior….

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