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February 6, 2021


Majorie Taylor Greene is Allowed to be an Adult but Chooses Not to be

by Anne Paddock

The controversy surrounding Marjorie Taylor Greene has become a national obsession over the past few weeks.  Greene, who was elected to Congress this past November to represent District 14 in Georgia has a colorful past (check out You Tube for videos she made in the past few years leading up to her Congressional run before the PR people got to her) that has shown her support for controversial issues, of which there is insufficient space to go into.

To be fair, Greene has the right to believe what she wants.  She has the right to deny the truth – that a plane  crashed into the pentagon on 9/11 – and make false and baseless claims about mass shootings at our schools; particularly Sandy Hook and Parkland. She has the right to harass mass shooting survivors or the parents of murdered children thinking they will take her second amendment rights away. She has the right to disagree with other politicians and she has a right to believe there was election fraud, even after dozens of judges (mostly Republican) dismissed the cases for lack of evidence.  She has the right to say that former President Obama is secretly Muslim when he isn’t. She has the right to say that wealthy Jews used a space laser to start the California wildfires.  And, she has the right to like whatever tweets she wants including those that implicate Mossad in the assassination of JFK.

So, lets briefly talk about what she’s not allowed to do.  Greene is not allowed to incite violence and specifically support any suggestion that certain politicians be executed.  She is not allowed to disregard the Constitution.  In fact, she is bound by oath to support the Constitution. And, finally she is not allowed to say “I was allowed to believe….”  which is what she did a few days ago when trying to explain herself.  Greene chose to believe what she wanted and made her views very public but refuses to take responsibility for those choices.. It’s time for Greene to grow up and take responsibility for her thoughts and actions. No one “allowed” her to believe anything. She made a choice and now she has to live with the repercussions which leaves her a powerless broker in the halls of Congress.  Whose the moron here?  I can’t decide if its her, the people who elected her, or the 199 cowards that refused to denounce her despite stating publicly her behavior was abhorrent among other things.  Maybe it’s all of the above.

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