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April 25, 2021

Executive Compensation at the St Luke Health System (Boise, ID)

by Anne Paddock

Idaho’s largest healthcare organization is the St Luke Heath System based in Boise – a tax-exempt, non-profit 501 (c) 3 that consists of 8 medical centers and more than 300 clinics that employ about 17,000. Although the St. Luke Health System consists of dozens of non-profits and other organizations, this post addresses the executive compensation at the St Luke Health System LTD (SLHS) – an organization that provides the overall management of the delivery of healthcare services. Consequently, its primary income comes from the member organizations.

The governing party consists of 16 voting members, 10 of whom are independent. 12 of the 16 directors (75%) are male while 4 of the 16 (25%) are female.

In 2018, total revenue was $576 million, of which $566 million came from administrative services (affiliated organizations within the St Luke Health System).  Expenses totaled $576 million (including $42 million in depreciation) which indicates the organization appears to take just enough revenue from the other organizations to cover expenses.

The largest expense in 2018 was compensation:  $403 million paid to 16,897 employees. 1,550 employees received more than $100,000 in compensation with the 12 most highly compensated reported to be:

  • $8,564,141:  David C Pate, President and CEO
  • $1,195,932:  Jeffrey S Taylor, SVP, CFO, Treasurer
  • $  801,517:  Chris Roth, SVP, COO
  • $  779,660:  David K Seppi, VP Executive Medical Director
  • $  726,857:  James Souza, Chief Medical Officer
  • $  658,257:  Christine Neuhoff, VP, Legal Affairs, Secretary
  • $  617,448:  Pamela Lindemoen, VP, Acute Care Services
  • $  595,617:  Barton F Hill, VP, Chief Quality Officer
  • $  478,772:  Kathryn Bertany, Executive Med Director, Children Services
  • $  475,011:  Philip Johnson, VP and CHRO
  • $  472,373:  David Self, VP, Business and Network Development
  • $  472,360:  Laura McGeorge, System Med Director, Service Line

The 12 most highly compensated employees received $16 million (with more than half paid to David Pate, the President and CEO).

8 of the 12 (67%) most highly compensated employees are male while 4 of the 12 (33%) are female.

Three former employees received the following compensation:

  • $371,955:  Cathy Moore, Former CEO St Luke’s West Regional
  • $134,861:  Maureen O’Keefe, Former VP
  • $130,721:  Gary Fletcher, Former VP, COO

During the year the following individuals participated in a supplemental non-qualified executive retirement plan (SERP, SERP, Gross up):

  • David Pate:  $7,279,542, $7,279,542
  • Jeffrey Taylor:  $133,766, $106,380 , $240,046
  • Gary Fletcher:  Received $184,556 of benefits for prior service in a supplemental retirement plan
  • Maureen O’Keefe:  Received $148,326 of benefits for prior service in a supplemental retirement plan

SLHS made gross up payments/tax indemnification. Specifically, they agreed to directly or indirectly pay all taxes caused by the vesting of accruals of the adjusted benefit prior to termination of employment.

241 independent contractors received more than $100,000 in compensation. The five highest are listed below:

  • $11,806,307:  Compunet, Inc., of Meridian, ID for IT projects/consulting
  • $ 8,022,273:  Epic Systems Corp, of Verona, WI for IT projects/consulting
  • $ 5,368,839:  Whitecloud Analytics, Inc., of Boise, ID for healthcare analytic services
  • $ 3,275,980:  FMS, Inc, of Tulsa, OK for patient accounts receivable collection services
  • $ 1,823,202:  Himagine Solutions, of St Louis, MO for health information professionals

To read the IRS Form 990 (2018 for the year ending September 30, 2019), click here.

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